Wednesday, April 23, 2014

This Week

Hey Guys!

As you've probably noticed, I haven't posted anything this week. I'm pretty bogged down right now since I'm getting ready for a trip to LA. There won't be any posts this week, but I will be back to normal posting next week.

After my post on the Chikuhodo brushes, I got some feedback on the high cost of the brushes. It's one of those things that can be hard to explain unless you know how brushes are manufactured and what they are made out of. Most of your everyday, run of the mill brushes are made in mass production with synthetic, pony, or goat hair (goat is usually nicer and therefore more expensive). In mass production like this, the bristles are cut to create a uniform shape, which can result in a rougher brush. Even if the bristles are laser cut, it still isn't as nice as a completely cut free brush. I thought I would post a link to a Beautylish article about how Wayne Goss' brushes are made. They're also made in Kumano, where Chikuhodo is made (I think that Chikuhodo might make Wayne Goss' brushes, but don't quote me on that), so this gives a pretty nice little idea of the work that goes into these handmade brushes. Check it out here.

That's all I've got for the time being and I'll see you guys next week!


Friday, April 18, 2014

FOTD : 4.18.14

First off, I apologize for a lack of a post yesterday. We had a employee appreciation day at work yesterday and when I got home, I immediately passed out for a few hours and then had a LA trip meeting with my friend. I had zero time yesterday, but I still hope to get a post up for "tried & true" at some point this weekend (I'll be in the car for two hours on Sunday, so that seems like a good time!). Also, if you follow me on social media, then you might have seen that my hair has changed, quite drastically! I'm fairly blonde now (if you haven't already looked at the pictures below...) with some massive dark roots. For those of you who don't know me in real life, I kind of love punk and grunge influences, so I decided to just go for it with the hair. I haven't done anything to my hair in three years, so it felt like it was time to switch it up. In fact, I'm thinking about doing a wash out pink for Easter and if I do, I'll post it on my Instagram (the link for that is juuuust to your right, follow me for fun!). Anyhow, on to my face for today!

These photos turned out fairly yellow and while I could have tinted them, I didn't. My hair isn't quite as brassy looking as it is in these photos, but it is a mix of ash and more golden blonde.

What do you guys have planned for Easter weekend? Let me know down below!

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Bronze Spring Eye (Lorac Unzipped Palette) : Video

Maybelline Tastefully Taupe Shadow : Product Review

I feel like it's been a hot second since I've reviewed anything from the drugstore, so it only seems appropriate to kick of my weekly posts with a drugstore item. I actually wear quite a bit of drugstore stuff, so I don't know why I don't put it up on here more often. Perhaps I should do a "Best of the Drugstore" type post soon... Regardless, let's dive into this, shall we?

The Facts

Price: $2.99 (in Kansas)
Amount of Product: .09 oz.
Number of Shades: 20
Claim: "Extraordinary Color from our ultra-blendable pigments. Long Wear with sensual finish that lasts up to 12 hours." 

Shade that I used: 250S - Tastefully Taupe

Shades and the powder itself: I used to use almost exclusively Maybelline eye shadows when I was in high school, they were kind of my go to brand, but I cannot remember anything about the Expertwear shadows aside from the two shades that I wore religiously (Silken Taupe and... Shell [?]). I don't remember if they used to offer matte and shimmer shades, but they definitely do now. There were several matte shades, but the majority of the shadows were the slightly shimmery type that Tastefully Taupe is. 

For having talc as the first ingredient, the powder doesn't reek and it's surprisingly un-powdery; both of which I'm completely fine with.

Finish and Color: I purposely bought Tastefully Taupe because it looks exactly like what Silken Taupe used  to look like. The current Silken Taupe looks a bit lighter and frostier than its older counterpart. The finish on Tastefully Taupe is definitely that of a shimmer shadow, but there isn't any visible glitter.

The color is fantastic when applied with your finger, but it is really hard to pick up with a brush. If you want a sheer wash of color, then apply with a brush is awesome, but if you want it to show up on your lids like it is in the pan? Use your fingers or, and I can't believe that I'm going to suggest this, use the sponge tip applicator that it comes with. Yup, this shadow actually applies better that way.

Wear Time: I always wear a primer with my eye shadows, but even with primer, eye shadows can still crease. This however, did not crease and wore well for the entire day.

Does it deliver on its claim? Yes. The shadow wore for 12 hours (albeit with a primer, but no powder shadow lasts on me for 12 hours without a primer). The shadow is very blendable and you can get great color, you just have to know how to apply the shadow. For $2.99, this is a great all over lid color to pick up!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Chikuhodo Brushes : First Look

If you guys watch my YouTube channel, then you will have seen the box that these three bad boys came in. If you don't watch, then you have no idea what I'm talking about. Regardless, a few weeks ago, I decided to make the investment that is Chikuhodo brushes. If you are not "that into" makeup, then these brushes will seem completely ridiculous to you and even if you are someone who spends a lot of time at the makeup table, the price point may be enough to scare you away. The three brushes pictured above cost me a grand total of $150 and that was with a discount. 

So, what makes these brushes so expensive? Everything about them, basically. I've pulled this from Chikuhodo's site:

CHIKUHODO Co., Ltd. is a makeup brush manufacturer, which adopts traditional Japanese brush making style and is located in Kumano, Hiroshima prefecture. Receiving orders from many domestic and overseas client companies, CHIKUHODO has been engaging in manufacturing of all types of high-quality makeup brushes. Today CHIKUHODO has grown into the No.1 company in original equipment manufacturing (OEM) of makeup brushes in Japan.We feel so grateful to many top-ranking makeup artists both inside and outside of Japan for giving us precious opinions and knowledge, which we feel has lead us to come so far as a high-quality makeup brush manufacturer.We will continue delivering high-quality makeup brushes and bring satisfaction to all our clients and users through an all-out effort by the whole employees in our company.Your continued support for CHIKUHODO is greatly appreciated.

Not all of Chukuhodo's brushes are ungodly expensive and there are actually affordable options, but they come from a different series of brushes than the ones pictured above. The Z-series, which the three brushes come from, is one of Chikuhodo's more expensive lines. The Z-1 brush (which is not pictured as I don't own it) comes in at $226.

The Z-series, aside from the lip and brow brushes, is made of 100% Gray Squirrel. If you are a vegan only type of brush user, then stay far, far away from Chikuhodo. I've never owned squirrel brushes before, so it's safe to say that these are by far the softest makeup brushes that I have ever owned. My friend once let me touch her red squirrel face brush once and that was so soft that it felt as if I weren't actually touching anything. These aren't quite that soft, but pretty damned close.

What I'm trying to get at here is that unless you are obsessed with makeup, a true professional makeup artist, or someone who loves to collect makeup brushes... these might not be for you. However, if you fall into any of the above categories, keep reading for some good old fashion brush porn.

This post is just a first look at these brushes as I have not even dared use them on my face yet (mostly because I wanted to make sure I could get photos of them in their most pristine state). I cannot wait to start really using these and write some reviews for you guys so that you can know all about these brushes.

I got mine in a special set from Now E-Project, which is an official retailer of Chikuhodo and the easiest to order from if you're located in the US. There is a $100 minimum on any order and shipping is $35... so if you're interested, it's best to place an order over $300 (free shipping after that most of the time) or get together with some friends and place a group order.

Questions or comments? Let me know down below!