Thursday, July 24, 2014

Limnit Lipsticks : Swatches & Mini Review

A quick break from eye shadows and blushes to bring you an indie lipstick company; Limnit Lipsticks. I found out about Limnit a few months ago when I was on an intense search for a gray lipstick and could only find one that I liked on the entire world of the internet. Somehow, I stumbled upon Trina's (the owner of Limnit) shop on Etsy and discovered a whole new world of colors. I ended up waiting to place an order and then Trina closed up shop for a bit, but when she reopened near the end of June, I immediately placed an order. I kid you not, I sat on Facebook waiting for her to make the announcement that the store was open again and then poured over the new colors that she had created and carefully thought out what I wanted. 

I ended up buying three small pots of color, but you can also get full sized tubes if that's what you prefer. I actually prefer applying lipstick with a brush, so the pots of color are great for me. Unfortunately, Trina does not have the full sized tubes in her shop right now (they'll be returning, don't worry), but she does have pots of all of the colors available for $4.60/each.

The info card that comes with your order + a small note :)

Trina includes a small postcard in the order that explains how to get the best results from your Limnit lipsticks and also includes information on how to mattify the shades, how to remove them, and also how to store them. I think that this little information card is a fantastic idea since some products really do require a bit more attention and it's better to know all of that upfront.

The three shades that I bought were League of my Own, Abracadabra, and Goodness Graycious.

I also received a free sample of Olly Olly Oxen Free in this little plastic baggie. Don't be mistaken, there is a massive amount of product in that baggie and it will last me a long, long time.

Indoor Bathroom Lighting

Indoor Bathroom Lighting

Outdoor, Natural Lighting

Abracadabra is a warm toned mid range purple. I have included both indoor lighting and outdoor lighting so that you can see how these lipsticks look under different lighting circumstances. The outdoor lighting is the most accurate for the shades, but I thought I would include both just so that you can see the difference that lighting makes.

The lipstick applied smoothly with my lip brush, but took a tiny bit of work to make sure that it wasn't patchy. In the realm of all lipsticks of the world, this was very easy to apply but in the realm of the lipsticks that I received from Limnit, this was the most difficult of the four. Once I got it on my lips and how I wanted, it was very pretty and I like the color quite a bit. I think it might be fun to pick up Bewitching Hour and mix these two shades together to create an awesome blue-violet!

Indoor Bathroom Lighting

Indoor Bathroom Lighting

Outdoor, Natural Lighting

Outdoor Natural Lighting

Goodness Graycious is a warm toned, darker gray color. This is what originally led me to Limnit, gray lipstick! Although this isn't the actual shade of gray that was looking for, when I saw this color, I knew that I needed to have it. There's something almost kind of taupe colored about this lipstick, but not so taupe that it ends up looking like something out of 90s George Michael music video. 

The application of Goodness Graycious was amazing. It is so pigmented and so smooth that it just glided on like a dream. Sometimes, incredibly smooth lipsticks can get streaky and weird, but not this one; just absolutely wonderful to put on.

Indoor Bathroom Lighting

Indoor Bathroom Lighting

Outdoor, Natural Lighting

Outdoor, Natural Lighting

League of my Own is a cool toned aqua green shade. So, I have a bit of a mild obsession with "odd" lip colors, so I pretty much had to purchase this shade. I try to steer away from light colored options of fun lipsticks, but since this one is so deep, I went with it. Ignore that patch near the center of my mouth, that was bad application on my part!

League of my Own is just like Goodness Graycious in that it applies wonderfully. However, if possible, I think that League of my Own is even more pigmented than Goodness Graycious. I had to put almost no effort into getting the rich opacity that is seen in the above pictures; totally awesome.

Indoor Bathroom Lighting

Indoor Bathroom Lighting

Outdoor, Natural Lighting

Outdoor, Natural Lighting

Olly Olly Oxen Free is a rich, deep berry toned burgundy shade (how do you like all of the adjectives?). Pardon my language, but holy fuck, this shade is incredibly and I can see myself wearing it a ton in the fall and winter. The shade is something that most companies often attempt, but fail at making. If I could marry a shade of lipstick, this would be it. It's amazing; insanely pigmented and just glides onto the lips with zero patchiness or streakiness.

Only one word of warning with Olly Olly Oxen Free; this will stain your lips like whoa. I only had this shade on for about an hour and it left a stain on my lips for the entire next day. I'm sure if I had scrubbed and worked at it a bit, I could have gotten the stain off, but the color that it stained my lips was so pretty that I just put lip balm over the top and called it a day.

So... did I convince you to buy some lipstick? Honestly, diving into the world of indie cosmetics has been a bit overwhelming because it was something that I knew very little about, but it has been beyond rewarding. I have not had a single bad experience (yet? knock on wood?) and all of the owners of these companies have been amazingly kind and awesome. Trina at Limnit makes some of the most amazingly pigmented and smooth lipsticks that I've ever worn on my mouth and she carries "normal" colors as well as some more off the wall shades. I highly recommend that you pick them up!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Fyrinnae : Eye Shadow Swatches & Review

I've realized that at the pace that I'm moving, my indie obsession "month" is going to turn into more of an indie obsession two months. I looked at what I still have yet to receive in the mail and what I still need to swatch at my house and it's... a lot. Regardless, today I'm going to be talking about Fyrinnae! Back before I had ever even heard of Reddit or the indie makeup community, I had heard about two indie companies; Shiro (which I have coming up, it's just going to take a long time to do swatches) and Fyrinnae.

To be honest, Fyrinnae's website put me off and I held back from ordering for a very long time; I guess I'm just a really visual person and I couldn't get past the web design for a while. However, I eventually got over it and after seeing so many beautiful shadows, I had to place an order. You guys, you guys; don't be like me, don't let the website deter you from ordering. These shadows are seriously amazing quality and applying beautifully. 

The pictures above are from my first order, however the swatches include a few more shadows since I placed a second order not too long after the first. I also ordered some lip lustres and their Pixie Epoxy, but those items are going to receive their own posts, so I'm only focusing on the shadows (and two blushes) at this point.

I do have a few individual comments for certain shadows, but I can honestly kind of do a lump review because the quality of every shadow is so similar that they all fall under this umbrella. Typically speaking, loose powder shadows are very powdery; I think that idea kind of goes without saying, but Fyrinnae's shadows aren't like that. They did a reformulation of their shadows in early 2013, so I can't compare the old and new formulas, but the new are much more of a semi-loose shadow. Fyrinnae writes on their website that there might be some clumps in the shadow due to this and that's definitely true, but you can just the blunt end of your brushes to break them up and then they become perfectly useable.

Every single one of their shadows that I own is buttery and smooth and insanely pigmented; more pigmented than any other indie shadow and maybe all of the other shadows that I own.  I kid you not. I can literally dip my little finger in the powder and swipe it down my arm and get full pigmentation. While it's an undeniable fact that all the shimmery shadows look better on top of their Pixie Epoxy, I can get full pigmentation with just plain old primer underneath. I don't really know what I was expecting when I purchased these, but whatever it was it was completely blown out of the water.

Before I get to swatches, I just want to tell you that no matter how nice the shadows might look in photos, they look 1000x better in real life. The beauty and complexity in these shadows is so incredibly hard to photograph, but I tried my best. And my last words before showing you the swatches are these: if you love eyeshadow and you love complex, amazing colors, then buy some Fyrinnae shadows!

Ok, now to the swatches.

I'm really sad about these photos for one huge reason: Mephisto. I could not get Mephisto to photograph true to itself! Remember Blue Flame from the Darling Girl post? Mephisto is basically the evil twin of Blue Flame... Mephisto having a navy base with a red overlay/shift. Essentially, what I'm trying to tell you is that I'm a horrible person and I couldn't get Mephisto to show its majestic-ness in these photos. Sorry. It's awesome though, believe me.

Out of focus for those sparklezzz

I got a little overzealous with Bawdy Librarian... so there was some fallout

This was my favorite set of shadows to swatch! Sake & Sashimi actually has green sparks in it which makes it unexpectedly awesome, in my opinion. Do you see that reddish shift in Serendipity? Seriously, to die for; I would sell my first born for that. My absolute favorite shadow from this set is Velveteen Werewolf, which is actually part of their Arcane Magic collection (it has its own section on the website, make sure to visit it). I can't even put into words why I like Velveteen Werewolf so much other than it's fucking gorgeous, so there. 

Greek Goddess and Royalty are both blushes; yup, that lovely purple shade is blush. I got a purple blush last year with the Creme de Couture collection from Sigma and I kind of fell in love with it. I've been wanting something that is more purple and less Lavender, so I decided to pick up Royalty. The swatches that I did are several swipes of the product, so unless I pile it on my face, it won't be that dark when I wear it. Greek Goddess has a bit of shimmer, but Royalty does not, so any shimmer showing up is just fallout from something else.

Out of focus for SPARKLES!!!

And then there is this gorgeous bad boy. I'm an idiot and tried to swatch this over Pixie Epoxy, which was incredibly stupid. Pixie Epoxy is specifically made for shimmer and glitter shadows, not matte shadows (which is what Inappropriate Popsicles is). I couldn't get a good swatch of this shadow, but I'll try to incorporate it into an eye look so that you can see what it looks like!

And that's that! Like I said above, I'm going to do a separate post for the Lip Lustres and Pixie Epoxy, but if you're curious, I've posted some swatches on my instagram (link on the right side of this page!). Questions or comments? Let me know down below!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Darling Girl Cosmetics : Swatches

Hello again! I meant to have this post up yesterday, but I got a lovely soccer related injury and spent the rest of my night resting (and icing and compression and elevation) and attempting to find a pair of crutches. Crutches have been acquired, so now I can finally get this post up! The next in my indie obsession month is Darling Girl Cosmetics. Darling Girl is an indie shop that is based out of Houston, TX and can lay claim to having an extremely popular item: The Darling Girl Glitter Glue. I did not get that in my order, but it's basically just as popular as Fyrinnae's Pixie Epoxy (which I will actually get around to writing about one of these days, I have so many more blog posts to do for Indie month... it's kind of ridiculous). 

For this order, I picked up their offering of the blogger pack. The blogger pack comes with one petite eye shadow and four sample baggies, but I believe that I also got a GWP and another little free sample baggie (and stickers!). The shades that I ordered were Persuasion, Beast, Frankenstein, Ruby Soho, and Blue Flame; the shades that were free were Wackadoodle and Mischievous. 

Now, as I've stated with the other indie reviews, shipping times really vary from company to company. However, every good company should have a stated TAT (turn around time) on their home page or on the order page. Darling Girl has a TAT of 18-20 days and my order took those 18-20 days, but it's a one woman show over there, so it's not something of concern for me. 

Now, on to the swatches!

The shadows all apply very nicely and the only one that isn't extremely pigmented is Wackadoodle, but I'm 99% sure that it is meant to be a sheer (or at least, MORE sheer) shade. When I applied it to my eyes, I put it over a sticky bronze base and it look fantastic over that. I don't know if you guys are as in love with Blue Flame as I am, but I kind of want to drown myself in the color. I mean really, how gorgeous is that?? 

The only thing that is a bit irritating to me is that Beast and Frankenstein look almost identical. It's probably not as obvious in the photos, but in real life, I can't tell the samples apart and when I put them on my arm, I wasn't completely sure that I hadn't swatched the same thing twice. I had to go back and swatch them on my other arm just to make sure... Their descriptions don't sound that similar online either; BeastMidtonal grey brown with red sheen and gold iridescence and FrankensteinMurky greyish green with strong copper shift. I don't mind all that much since these are samples, but I just found it odd that they are so similar.

I am going to leave you guys with some out of focus snaps so that you can truly see the amazing sparkle in these shadows!

Questions, comments? Leave them for me down below!

Monday, July 7, 2014

Hello Waffle : Swatches and Review

The full sized goods pt. 1

And the month of indies will continue on! I had an insane Fourth of July weekend and as such (and some seriously cloudy days beforehand), I did not get this out as soon as I was planning. However, with great pleasure, I bring you another indie company: Hello Waffle. I do feel a bit bad with the timing of this post since Christine, the owner, has had to close down her shop due to an upcoming move. However, she will be open again in mid August and I will post about her company again then so as to keep you all aware of it.

So, Hello Waffle... If you're wondering where the name comes from, Waffle is the name of Christine's cat and she has a cute little description on her website about it, "This shop is named after my amazing cat Waffle whom I've had since he was 9 weeks old. The phrase 'Hello Waffle' is commonly said around my household as he likes to lurk around corners and scare you when you least expect it. I specialize in making collections based off fairytales because everyone loves a great story. " Hello Waffle is based out of Canada, which is fairly unique for the indie community. Alas, Christine manages to get orders sent out incredibly quickly and they're well (and cutely) packed. I placed my order on June 6th, during one of her flash sales, and it still managed to arrive by June 21st.... from Canada. That's pretty damn speedy if you ask me!

The full sized goods pt. 2

For your sake, and mine, I ordered the Blogger Pack, which has slightly changed since the time that I ordered. When I ordered, the blogger pack included two full sized shadows, ten sample packs, one full sized blush, one sample blush, two sample lip balms, and one full sized lip balm. I will explain why there's a difference later on in this post, but currently Christine is not offering the lip balms. There was also a free GWP when I placed my order, a choice of two shades, and I picked up Corgi Butts! The shades that I got for my blogger pack were as follows: Kai, Hot Cross Bunnies, Mad, Dormouse, Gryphon, Cravings, Enchantress, Escape, Ethereal, Fey, Golden Stairs, and Wastelands (all eye shadows); Golden Veil Highlighter, Bubblegum blush, and Ginger Kitties, Orchid, and Vamp lip balms.

The Full Size Shadows (and Corgi Butts)

Christine included a note on my order letting me know that she was out of several of the sample sizes, so she threw in a few full sizes instead (which was awesome!). Along with my blogger pack, I also ordered samples of Snow Bees, Arendelle, and Sloth... because one can never have enough eye shadow. If I had really been thinking, I would have ordered more blush samples, but I think I got too excited and forgot.  If I haven't already mentioned how much of a love affair I have going on with Hello Waffle and, more explicitly, Christine, she wrote a really sweet little note on my order form for me! 

Golden Veil

Vamp, Orchid, and Ginger Kitties

The backside of the clamshells

Sample-y goodness, drool....

Now, without further ado, let's get to the damn swatches. Just like last time, I shot the swatches in three different types of light so that you can see how they translate. I'm roughly a NC15 skin tone (maybe more like NC13 in winter), so keep that in mind as well. All of the swatches, aside from the blush and highlighter were done on top of Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy.

All of these colors swatched so beautifully! It's a shame that Snow Bees kinds of disappears into my skin in these pictures, but in real life, it was a wonderful highly shimmery highlight shade with a bit of gold to it. With all of these shadows, and with almost all indies, they do work better with a slightly sticky base underneath them. They will show up without the base, but you aren't going to get the full spectrum of awesome.

And last, but not least, the swatches of the lip balms. I have no idea where I have placed Ginger Kitties, which makes me incredibly sad since it is such a pretty color, but that's also the reason why there is no swatch of it. I was wearing it in my last FOTD if you want to check that out. I said that I would explain later why Christine is not carrying her lip balms right now. There were some reviews that stated that the lip balms were feeling very gritty and not satisfied with that, Christine decided to pull them until she can come up with a better formula. I do have to say that my balms a bit gritty, but Orchid and Ginger Kitties aren't that bad. Vamp is much gritter than the other two and as a result, didn't apply nearly as evenly. All of the colors are gorgeous though, so I'm excited for them to become available again.

So what do I think of Hello Waffle? I'm kind of, moderately, ok... emphatically, in love with Hello Waffle. I love the products, I love the names of the products, I love Christine's customer service, and I love that she's incredibly active on Facebook and (...more importantly, let's face it) Reddit. She is always answering questions and offering little peeks into the life of an indie creator. Long story short, Hello Waffle is amazing and I definitely encourage all of you to place an order when she reopens in August!

Questions or comments? Let me know!


Bonus Pictures

Because these pictures captured the awesome sparkle so well, I had to include them as well!

Seriously, the sparkle on that highlighter tho...