Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Revlon Baby Sticks : Product Review

You guys should realize by now that I have a fairly deep seeded love affair with Revlon. I love their lip products, I love their foundations (except for the BB cream fiasco), and I have never truly been so disappointed by anything Revlon has made. The Baby Sticks are pretty much promoted as a cheek and lip tint without saying so directly on the packaging, but they have a striking resemblance to many other cheek/lip tint products, like those produced by Tarte. Keep reading to find out why these are so horrible.

I'm going to give you the break down on the facts of this product. These three cheek/lip tints are part of the Gucci Westman, The Pacific Coast Spring 2013 collection and that collection has several other new items (eyeshadow quads, nail polish, lip products). I haven't heard if this specific product is going to become part of the permanent collection or if this is limited edition; let's hope for the latter unless they do a reformulation. Each color has 0.1 ounces of product, which is a fairly small amount, but not unheard of. However, they are fairly pricey for the amount of product you're getting; mine rang in at $9 a piece at Ulta.

Now let's talk about the subjective stuff. Let me say that I was extremely excited to see these at the store because they only have them on the special displays right now and there are only three slots; one for each color. I bought them all because I thought that they were going to be amazing and I could not have been any more wrong if I had wanted to be. 

First, if you have never swatched/tried/used/own a solid cheek or lip tint, then you might not realize how they are supposed to feel. They should apply smoothly and then sink into the skin; you should not be able to feel it on your skin after this point. These sticks do apply smoothly, but that's because they are so incredibly waxy that they have no other option than to apply smoothly. On top of that, they continue to feel waxy on your skin the rest of the time you have them on. It felt like I had put chapstick on my skin.

Second, a tint or hell, we can even compare this to a convertible color item like Stila makes, usually leaves some sort of color on your skin. I can understand if you bought one that's too light for your skin tone and that not showing up, but only one of the three left any sort of mark after two swipes. You can see in the pictures below how much pigmentation there was after two swipes of each color.

The fact that I had to put arrows on that picture to show you where I had even applied the product is pretty ridiculous. Pink Passion definitely shows up the best and if it weren't for the waxy texture it leaves, I would consider keeping it. You can't even see Tahitian or Sunset on my arm and if you guys know me in real life, I'm pretty much pale as a ghost; that's saying something.

So then I decided to apply a whole lot more of each shade and this is, give or take, 15 swipes of each product. Completely ridiculous that it took that much to even get a touch of color out of two of the shades AND who wants to swipe something on their face 15 times? The only color that even seemed to be somewhat blendable was Pink Passion; if I tried to blend Sunset or Tahitian, they just disappeared.

Remember how much I said these were? They are $9 a piece, so with tax, I spent $30 on these three cheek/lip tints. I do not recommend these to anyone and I will be taking all three of these back to Ulta for a refund. Far and away, the worst product I have ever bought from Revlon. What do you guys think?

(all photos copyright Allison Richardson Photography and not available for use without permission)


  1. It's a real shame to hear how poor this product is, and I could never imagine the waxy feel it leaves on your cheek. I hadn't heard of this product before but I now know to avoid it. Thank you for the review! x

    1. It's a very bizarre feeling. It's like it just never settles into the face.

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  3. i was so excited for it but i'll pass since i have other stick blushes! thanks girl!

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  4. oh no how disappointing! And I thought of buying it but now I will definitely avoid it!

  5. Thanks for the heads-up on this product! I was going to buy it because it was too cute to pass up...but now I will!

  6. This is definitely a helpful review! I would've gotten at least one, good thing I saw your review! Thanks a lot!

  7. Other bloggers gave positive reviews on this Revlon product. Well, now I’m confused whether to buy it or not.

    ~Pauline @Kallony

  8. I live in uk and managed to pick these up for £1 a piece thats about $1.20 each from my local store