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Tokidoki Cromatico Eye Shadow Set : Product Review

Before I start this review, I want to let you know, first and foremost, that this item is on sale at because it's going to be discontinued. It's $29 for all 6 shadows, so if you read this and think that you might want it, just buy it. You can always return it later, but buy it now. Ok, now that this information is out of the way, I can proceed. I saw that this set was on sale at Sephora and I own several Tokidoki palettes, so I decided to pick this set up. It does not disappoint, continue reading to find out why.

Definitely not the most important thing regarding this product, but can we appreciate how cute the packaging is? Just real quick, some packaging porn for you....

Is the packaging a bit excessive and will probably become cumbersome if I want to take all 6 shadows somewhere? Oh, definitely. Is it adorable and look super cute with my other makeup? Oh, definitely. The only downfall of the super cute packaging is that the color heart and bones are stickers and they are peeling. I have come to terms with the fact that these will eventually fall off, but I'll stare at their adorableness for the time being.

You get six shades in this set and each one is labeled on the back with its name (except for one of mine which didn't come with a name... boo). The six shades are: Killer Candy, Bruttino, Soya, Diamante, Samba and Choco. 

All of the shades have fairly good color payoff, but unfortunately for me, since I'm so very very pale, you can't see all of them on my skin tone. However, I can use them for highlighting so I'm ok with it. If you have medium to dark skin, the two lighter shades will definitely show up on your skin, but Choco (the brown) may now. Here is a quick break down of my opinions on each shade:

Bruttino (teal shade): Bruttino is definitely one of the most pigmented of the group and is a very pretty turquoise that has some shimmer to it. I have a lot of turquoises, but this one has a bit of a gold tinge to it which makes it a little bit more unique. Definitely a good shade for summer.

Soya (bright green): This is definitely a bright shade and may not be for everyone. I love bright shadows and this one does not fail to deliver. It's a very bright yellowish green that is also extremely pigmented. Even when I wiped the swatches off my arm, I could see the remnants of this shade. It can also be layered over Bruttino for an awesome effect.

Choco (brown): This is a very bronze-y brown and isn't like anything else I own, which makes me really happy. It's a very warm shade, so if you have green or blue eyes, it's going to make them pop. This shadow is also the most pigmented of all the shadows and can be used lightly for day or intensely for a bronzed smoky eye.

Killer Candy (purple): This is a really warm purple tone. I applied this to my eyes a few days ago with another purple (which was very blue based) and I could see just how much pink is in this purple and it's quite a bit. Again, this is unlike any other purple I own because I tend to go for more blue based purples. It's very pretty though and also very pigmented.

Samba (grey): This pretty much disappears on my skin tone, which is unfortunate, but is good news for people with medium to dark skin tones! This is a very light grey tone, maybe closer to white than true grey, but very pearly and very pretty.

Diamante (glittery light pink): Again, this shade just disappears on my skin, so much so that I can't even see it in the swatch pictures. This shade also has large chunks of glitter in it which makes it seem a little childish in my mind. Of all the shades, this has the least amount of pigment and is probably the only disappointing shade. 

So here are swatches in bright lighting. The set on top is swatched on bare skin and the bottom set is swatched over Urban Decay's Primer Potion. From top to bottom: Samba, Soya, Diamante, Bruttino, Choco, and Killer Candy. 

Same swatches with slightly different lighting so that you can see more of Samba and Diamante (but not really because they blend in so well). Same order as above.

Overall, I think that 5 out of 6 of these shades are great. Even though Samba is really light, I can use it over other shadows or use it as a highlight shade. Like I said above, Diamante is really the only disappointing shade and I can't think of many times that I would use it. The other four shades are very pigmented and the pictures above don't quite do them justice. When these shades are worn on their own, they have a decent wear time, but on top of primer they will last all day. 

What do you guys think? Will you pick this set up?

(all photos copyright Allison Richardson Photography and not available for use without permission)

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