Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Vice 2 Palette : Swatches and First Impressions

For those of you follow the makeup realm closely, you know the lore of the Vice palette that Urban Decay put out last year. If you look up prices for the original, you'll find them pretty close to $200, which is a good chunk of change considering it retailed for $59. Now, what made that palette special? It was 20 brand new shades that were limited edition and only available in that palette. Obviously, the palette sold out and then prices sky rocketed (just like most designer collections at Target). So, fast forward a year and here we are with the Vice 2 palette. In my humble opinion, I don't see this palette doing nearly as well as the previous and to me, it's because of one shade in particular; this palette is missing anything as amazing as the original Vice's Chaos. 

Just google the original palette and you will see what an amazing masterpiece the shade Chaos was. Even if you don't care for blue shadow, you have to admit that there is something magical about that shade. It was matte (ok, there were some chunks of glitter), royal blue, and the depth on it was amazing. This palette doesn't have a run away shade like that.

That's not to say of course that this palette is bad, as it has a lot of really awesome shades in it that will be awesome, just nothing that lives up to Chaos (for me). All of that being said, let's talk about this palette. It's 20 shades again, all brand new, and all limited edition. You have all different colors, but they all pretty much have the same finish, which is shimmer. However, if you've ever bought Urban Decay eye shadow before, you should know that shimmer and glitter are kind of their namesake.

I'm not really impressed with the case itself since it feels really cheap and plastic-y, but I do really like the jewel like UD on the front. I assume some people may not like that since it makes it so that you can't put anything on top of the palette, but it's pretty, so who cares? You get a huge mirror on the inside, which is a great thing to include since so many palettes these days still don't include one. You also get a double ended brush...

If you don't have a good brush collection, then this is going to be a welcome addition, but if you have something going on in the brush department, this will be useless. For me, I have a lot of brushes and I have a lot of soft, nice brushes (nothing fancy like Hakuhodo; I wish), so this brush will probably not get used. Its bristles don't feel great to the touch and they're pretty stiff. 

And now for the swartches! I'm going to break it down by shade, so here we go:

Smokeout: Meh. Smokeout is your standard black matte shadow with silver glitter. I am not a fan of silver glitter in my black shadows, so this will hardly be used.

Lovesick: Not quite black, not quite charcoal. It has some shimmer to it and will be great for creating a smoky eye. Applies very nicely.

Shellshock: SILVER. Even though I can't remember the last time that I wore silver eye shadow, this is one of the nicest shadows in the palette. It applies beautifully and the pigmentation is A+. It makes me want to brush this on, add only mascara, and berry lips for a total 90s throwback.

Coax: This is a very true pink, shimmer shade. It is very, very pretty and fairly pigmented. Unfortunately, it kind of blends into my arm so you can't see it too well, but it will look great on the lids. Very much a princess pink and would look good with any of the browns from this palette.

X-Rated: And pastel pink! Maybe because it's lighter it looks a lot more shimmery than Coax or it could, in fact, be more shimmery. Not my favorite shade of eye shadow, but this might be the jam for some people.

Prank: Swatch wise, this one was really hard to swatch and I hope that it doesn't translate that way to the eyes. This is a navy blue shadow with a mermaid blue green shimmer to it. Ugh, you guys, I wanted this one to be magical, but it was just not cutting it. I'm really really hoping that it will be better on the eyes, but I'm scared. I'M SCARED.

Madness: This shade is gorgeous! It's not really my cup of tea, but I won't deny that it's one of the prettiest shades in the palette. It swatched easily and is very pigmented.

Strike: Yo. This is going to be my new go to gold shadow. I have a L'Oreal Infallible shadow that is gold (and amazing), but it is shimmery like a disco ball and sometimes I want something a little less reflective on my eyes; this is that shadow. So pretty. So great. Pigmented and swatched crazy easy.

Stash: Don't be offended by this description, but this shade is weed green... I mean, there's a reason is called stash. I don't mean marijuana leaf green, I mean like sticky icky green (too much?). Again, very pigmented, smooth, and easy to apply.

Poison: This is like a lighter, better version of Smokeout. Shimmery, pigmented, and smooth.

Radar: WOOIE! This is a coppery brown that is super gorgeous and pigmented and smooth. You see a pattern here? If you have green or blue eyes, this is going to make them pop like crazy because it's great warm shade.

Damaged: This is actually one of the shades that made me want to buy this palette and it does not disappoint. I love dark green shadows because I think that they are awesome and that anyone can wear them. Bright green? Not as wearable. Dark green though? AWESOME. Just like the previous shades, it's crazy pigmented and smooth.

Voodoo:  This is one of the other shades that made me buy the palette and it's not as awesome as Damaged. I find that purple is one of the hardest colors, for any brand, to make extremely pigmented. Not light purples and lilacs, but dark purples are almost impossible. This is a very pretty shade, but it took some work to get it to look that pigmented. I will make it work though since it looks so pretty in the pan.

Betrayal: For light purple lovers, you have this amazing shade. Betrayal is a duochrome shade, so the base is a warm lilac shade and has a blue-violet shimmer to it. This one is a little thinner than some of the other shades, but it applied easily and it will definitely be buildable. Not my favorite shade, but pretty quality.

Derailed: This is your basic, dark taupe-y brown. You know those shades that you can just sweep all over your lid and call it a day? This is one of those. It has great pigmentation and goes on so, so smoothly. Say hello to your new best friend.

Dope: SO PRETTY AND IT DOESN'T SHOW ON MY ARM. Ugh. You guys. SO pretty. This is a light, shimmery, peachy pink. It's pigmented and buttery smooth and wonderful and will go great with....

Toxic: SO PRETTY. Ok, I think you can tell by now what my two favorite shades in the palette might be. :D Toxic is a beautiful rose gold shade and like the other winners in the palette, super buttery and pigmented. I plan on doing so many looks with this shade. Or just wearing it all over my lid. It's fantastic.

Habit: Wait... There isn't a shade called Habit pictured above! Yeah, there's a reason for that. Habit is one of two true matte shades in this palette, but unfortunately (for swatching purposes) it is the exact shade of my arm. I mean, I swatched it and then accidentally swatched over it because I didn't see it. It's a great, matte, nude shade and will be great as a base for you pale ladies and awesome to help blend.

Ambush: Another coppery brown shade. Ambush is more on the brown side, but it's still kind of similar to Radar. In fact, it's so similar that I kind of had to question why they put both shades in the palette. I like them both, so I'm not complaining and they both apply well.

Rewind: And here is our other true matte shade! This applied a bit splotchy when i used my finger, but I find that a lot of matte shadows do that and that it will apply much, much better with a brush. Just a very nice, neutral brown that will be great for a quick easy matte look with Habit or as a fantastic blending shade.

And there you have it! Questions, comments? Let me know down below!

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