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New Revlon Age Defying Foundation & Concealer : Product Review

Another product review! If you guys watched that haul video, then you know that I have a lot of products to be reviewing for you and I want to get the newest ones out first. Revlon has had an age defying line for a long time, but they just release a few new products for it and a two of them intrigued me. As I've mentioned before, I have oily skin most of the year, but in the winter my skin gets much more normal and only gets a touch oily on my nose, so anti-aging products are generally safe for me to use in the winter. That's why I picked up the Age Defying Firming & Lifting Foundation and the Age Defying Targeted Dark Spot Concealer Treatment. 

The Facts

Price: $11.99 to $14.99 (in Kansas)
Amount of Product: 1 fl oz.
Number of Shades:12 - The darkest of which is called "Early Tan", once again, not extremely WOC friendly
Claim: "This all-in-one formula combines hyaluronic acid, a potent dose of moisturizing ingredients and our exclusive Triple Lift Complex™. Relax the look of expression lines, give skin a smooth, tightened feel and boost hydration 3X. For a radiant, rejuvenated look." 

Shade that I used: 10 - Bare Buff

Shades and the foundation itself: Twelve seems to be the lucky number when it comes to drugstore foundations and like most, this isn't very accommodating for the those that don't fall into the slightly tanned to deeply tanned skintones. There is one shade lighter than Bare Buff, but it is very pink toned, so it definitely would not have matched my skin. I picked Bare Buff because I generally wear the second shade in any Revlon product, but this was just too dark. I think if I got a tan, then this would have matched my skin, but Bare Buff is not a match for NC15 skin. 

The foundation is like most liquid foundations, not too runny and not too creamy. It sticks nicely to the skin upon application and blends very easily. It is a more moisturizing formula since this is an anti-aging product (read the claim up above) and makes use of hyaluronic acid, which traps moisture in the skin.

Also, SPF 15... which is pretty much nothing and you should wear a separate sunscreen anyway.

Coverage: The coverage on this foundation is somewhat odd to describe. It makes me think of my NARS Sheer Glow, but maybe with a touch more coverage. I think the best description is a light medium, but if you have any dark marks, you will definitely want a concealer if you want them masked.

Application: Revlon states that this can be applied with fingers, brush, or sponge and I completely agree with them. Any of those methods would be good to apply this, but I applied mine with my Real Techniques Expert Face Brush (it's my favorite). If you applied with your fingers, you might be able to get a bit more coverage.

Wear Time: Not impressive whatsoever. After only a few hours at work, I could see that almost all of the foundation was gone from my nose and not in a manner that faded evenly; foundation was on the rest of my face, but not on my nose at all. If you have oily skin of any sort, I'm telling you right now to stay away from this foundation. The rest of my face faded pretty badly by the end of the day as well and by the time I took my makeup off at the end of the night, there was almost nothing on the cotton pad. The only color that I did remove had come from my under eye concealer. I don't have a true wear time for you, but "pretty pathetic" is the best answer I can give you.

Does it deliver on its claim? I will buy their super moisturizing claim because this foundation is incredibly moisturizing and in turn, that helps to relax the look of lines on the face. However, I wouldn't say this made me look radiant or rejuvenated since it all came off of my face. 

Final Verdict: I returned this last night. First of all, the color was wrong and I try not to hold on to products that don't match my skin. Second, I'm not holding onto a foundation that fades off my face (almost completely) in less than 8 hours. That's just ridiculous if your foundation can't last through a work day. If you have severely dry skin, I think that this foundation might work for you, but if you have even the slightest amount of oil to your skin, I pray you flee.

before any makeup, Clinique DDMG applied

full face, you can still see the blemishes on my cheek and chin

The Facts

Price: $11.99 to $12.99 (in Kansas)
Amount of Product: .25 fl oz.
Number of Shades: 4 - the darkest in this is called Medium Deep... sorry to my ladies of color out there
Claim: "Our innovative concealer features a Vitamin C and licorice-enriched formula that instantly reduces the appearance of age spots and discolorations for smooth, more even looking skin." 

Shade that I used: Light 01

Shades and the concealer itself: Ok, I realize that this is drugstore concealer, but seriously, only four shades? That just seems ludicrous. Luckily for me, the Light shade is straight up yellow and pasty which means that it is absolutely perfect for me. If you're much darker than NC15, I would not recommend the shade Light for you, definitely go up a shade.

The concealer is a thick liquid; it doesn't budge from wherever you dot it, but it does blend out easily. I find that the consistency can be a bit sticky, but that doesn't prevent it from blending which is kind of amazing and perfect. Honestly, this concealer makes me think of MAC Pro Longwear.

Coverage: Heavy. This isn't your liquidy, thin crappy concealer that you got for a one dollar; it's thick and it covers like a beast. It's definitely not as heavy as Kat Von D Lock-It Concealer or Hard Candy Glamoflauge, but it is a good heavy concealer.

Applicator: I didn't know this when I took photos, so excuse me for not having two photos of this; it comes with a removable sponge tip that reveals a needle point tip underneath. The "sponge" tip isn't much of a sponge; it's hard plastic that is covered in a soft felt. I know that it doesn't sound very appealing in writing, but it is a tremendously excellent idea on Revlon's part. Since it's not a true sponge, it doesn't absorb your product, but it does make it easy to smooth on your under eyes. 

Wear Time: One million hours. This concealer can outlast almost any foundation that I own; it's impressive. The only foundation that has proven itself a worthy opponent was Estée Lauder Double Wear.

Does it deliver on its claim? No idea. I haven't been using this long enough to know if it's making any of my dark spots lighter and honestly, I don't give a shit. I hate concealer with a passion and avoid wearing it because of that and I am wearing this concealer with joy. Don't get me wrong, I always wear under eye concealer (that's a whole different animal), but I almost never cover my other facial imperfections... until now.

Final Verdict: I don't know, maybe this only works on my skin and I'm just proselytizing, but I seriously think this is the best concealer that I've ever used. I love it. I'm already going to buy another tube even though this one is still almost completely full (I have coupons and discounts that are going to expire...). I'm in love. 

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