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By Terry Terrybly Rouge Lipstick : Product Review

Welcome to the land of $50 lipsticks! I have ventured over to the dark side and entered into the world of very expensive cosmetics. The real reason for this is because I saw multiple people talk about this lipstick and I was curious if it could really live up to its $50 price tag. In all honestly, I got this for practically no money at all because this happens to be sold in the Birchbox shop and I had $40 in points and a coupon code; schwing. I picked up the shade Terrybly Nude because let's face, I'm constantly on the search for a nude lipstick that doesn't make me look incredibly odd (...and approaching death). Let's dive in.

The Facts

Price: ~$49
Amount of Product: .12 oz
Number of Shades: 20 (I believe; there could be more, but this is what I found)
Claim: Rouge Terrybly Age Defense Lipstick is the first volume and firmness lipstick enriched with By Terry’s exclusive anti-aging Lumilip technology. Available in an array of silky colors, this extra-comforting lip color rejuvenates and embellishes every smile, while offering a “push-up” effect. Wrapped in a satin bag, it’s perfect for a beauty touchup any time of day.
  • Anti-aging lip color
  • Rejuvenates and embellishes lips
  • Delivers a “push-up” effect
Shade that I used: Terrybly Nude; a pink based nude shade that appears quite mauve. 

Coverage:  Opaque
Application: This lipstick is crazy silky feeling, which means that it just glides onto the lips. Imagine Linda Richman saying it glides on like buttah, because that's exactly what it feels like. I don't own a lot of extremely expensive lipsticks, but dare I say that this is the nicest feeling lipstick that I've ever glided onto my lips.

Packaging: One major thing to talk about when it comes to high end lipsticks (and cosmetics in general) is the packaging. The box that the lipstick comes in is a shiny, laminated box; nothing amazingly special there. The lipstick itself comes in a little silky feeling bag, but again, it doesn't feel like anything that amazing. It has By Terry printed all over it, just in case you were to forget that you bought a By Terry lipstick. The lipstick case itself is a little silver bullet; very compact and nice feeling. It has a nice weight to it; not overly weighty and not plastic feeling. The lid does close via a magnet, but I store it in my purse in the silky bag that it comes with; I think the case would scratch easily and the lid might pop off otherwise.

(on my face from Friday's FOTD)

How it wears: Lets go back and talk about the price tag again; $50. For that much, you should pretty much expect your lipstick to feel like butter on application (and it does) and then continue to feel like luxury, which this does fairly well. The buttery slip sticks around for a substantial amount of time and my lips only began to feel dry toward the end of my work day, which is because I never reapplied and didn't put any balm on the entire day. It doesn't settle into your lip lines and it doesn't dry your lips out, which is pretty fantastic since I have deep lip lines and fairly dry lips. I did line my lips for the picture above, but I've worn this without liner on multiple occasions and it has never bled into my quickly growing fine lines.

Wear Time: I've read mixed reviews on this shade, but let me tell you that this wore pretty damn evenly on my lips for a full 8 hours, and that includes eating and drinking. There was no white line on my mouth that sometimes accompanies light colored lipsticks and the only area with an extreme amount of fading was the moist part of the center of my lips. Just so you guys can have an idea of how much eating this lasted through, I'll tell you what I ate and drank: a banana, oatmeal, yogurt covered raisins, chocolate easter egg, two glasses of water, bagel thin, hummus, baby carrots, lemon bar, and pretzels. I'm also a pretty intense lip licker (a huge cause of lip dryness, unfortunately), which is why it wore off so heavily on the center part of my lips. By the end of the day, my lips were feeling dry, but I never reapplied balm and that feeling went away as soon as I ended my hour test.

(after roughly 8.5 hours of wear)

Does it deliver on its claim? I don't really  understand their claim of a "push up effect", but I don't think that my lips really looked like that. Other than that claim, I will say yes. Since this is technically an anti-aging lipstick, it's really moisturizing and formulated not settle in your lines too much; perfect for someone like me. 

Final Verdict: I think that to make a final verdict, you have to ask yourself, would I buy this again at full price? The answer for me is yes, I would purchase this again. The price is high, but this lipstick has already joined the ranks of my favorites and I've been wearing it on a fairly steady basis since I bought it. I think that this will likely be the first lipstick in a long time that I use up completely. I am already planning on buying another color to test a wider range. 

If you want more information on these lipsticks and want to see more swatches, I highly recommend going to the blog Shameless Fripperies; Karima owns multiple shades and does some great reviews.

Questions or comments? Let me know down below!

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