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Maybelline Fit Me Shine-Free Foundation : Product Review

Since I am a huge Revlon loyalist when it comes to drugstore foundations, I decided that I needed to branch out and try some other brands. I decide to pick up three new foundations about two weeks ago and the Maybelline Fit Me Shine-Free foundation stick is the first that I tested. To see what I thought about it, keep reading.

The Facts

Price: $6.99 (this was at Target in Kansas, prices may vary)
Amount of Product: .32 oz
Number of Shades: 12 - the darkest is called Cappucino, so if you have darker skin, you're SOL
Claim: "Get flawless, shine-free skin instantly and on-the-go for tailor-made mattifying coverage. The anti-shine core has ultra-lightweight powders built in to the stick foundation to instantly dissolve excess oil. Available in 12 oil-free shades"

Shade that I used: 110 Porcelain

I've decided to switch up the format of my reviews, so here goes!

Shades and the foundation itself: For a drugstore foundation, 12 is a lot of shades, especially for a new product. However, most of the shades are for white or light skintones, so if you have darker skin, you only get to choose from 3 possible shades. I bought 110, which is the absolute lightest shade because 115 looked so orange in the container, that I couldn't bring myself to buy it. You can see that it has a lighter colored center which is supposed to be the oil absorbing portion of the product.

Coverage: The coverage on this foundation is sheer to light, but I supposed that if you really built it up, it could be medium. I would definitely say that coverage wise, this would be reserved for your better skin days when you don't have much to cover. Obviously, you can pair this with a kick ass concealer and get away with it, but again, I'd say stick to good skin days to use this.

Application: Application is a breeze and is maybe my most favorite part of this foundation. The Maybelline website states to apply it directly to your face and to blend with your fingers, which is exactly how I apply it. However, if you're going to do that, you really need to make sure that your fingers are clean so that you're not just spreading bacteria all over your face. It's actually really fun to kind of "paint" your face with this and it blends incredibly well into your skin. 

Wear Time: Unfortunately, this doesn't wear for very long on its own and since I have yet to find a primer that I like for my face, I can't say if it would stick longer with a primer (I'm purchasing a new primer fairly soon... so I'll retest it when I get that). After 8 hours, there is definitely still foundation on your face, but since this is so light to begin with, it's hard to tell. I also imagine that this will last on my face a lot longer in the winter when I'm not taking walks in 95 degree heat.

Does it deliver on its claim? No and kind of. On days that I didn't go outside, it didn't perform horribly, but I still got shine. On days that I did go outside, there was a lot of shine. I don't really believe any foundation formula other than liquid can do a good job of oil control, so I wasn't too surprised when I saw the shine.

 8 hrs. of wear (obviously a different day)

Final Verdict: If you have extremely oily skin, stay away from the this foundation, it will not work for you. If you have dry or normal skin, I think that it would work for you provided you can find a good shade. I have oily skin, so while it's not the best foundation in the world, I don't regret buying it since it's easy to apply and it looks nice if I stay indoors. I definitely plan on testing this out for winter wear since it's so easy to carry and apply. 

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