Saturday, July 13, 2013

Sparkling Smoky Eyes : Tutorial

I love smoky eyes, but I don't particularly like using blacks or greys to achieve the look because I think that those two colors can be pretty harsh. I really love using dark browns and that's where this look originated. To make the look more fun, I added some glitter pigment from MAC. To find out how to get this look, keep reading!

For the eyes, I used:

1) Tarte 360 Creaseless 12 hr Eye Primer
2) Stila Compact: I used Kitten and Espresso (the two outside shades)
3) MAC Glitter Pigment in Reflects Antique Gold
4) Stila Smudge Crayon Waterproof Eye Color in Black
5) Stila Smudge Crayon Waterproof Eye Color in Umber
6) Covergirl Clump Crusher
7) Mary Kay Lash Lengthening Mascara
8) Real Techniques Shading Brush
9) Sephora Large Shadow Brush
10) Sephora Pro Precise Crease Brush

1) Benefit Sun Beam
2) Kat Von D Everlasting Blush in Belissima
3) NARS Bronzer in Laguna
4) YSL Rouge Pur Couture in Blond Ingenu
5) Juice Beauty Reflecting Gloss in Champagne
6) Sephora Blush Brush

 Normal foundation routine completed.

Prime those lids! 

I applied Espresso all over the lid with my Real Techniques brush in a mildly sloppy manner.

And then took my clean crease brush and blended out the shadow. You can see that I have a wing tip on this shadow, which is there for reference on my part. The shape will be changing, but I, personally, have to place it at the beginning to know where to build.

I applied my MAC pigment over the shadows using the same Real Techniques brush. For this part, I pat on the shadow carefully otherwise, it might be splotchy and result in a lot of fallout.

Taking the crease brush, I blended out the wing on the side and added a bit more Epresso to darken the sides. I also lined my upper lash line with the black Stila smudge crayon and, you guessed it, smudged it out.

I took the black and umber smudge crayons and lined under my eyes and blended them together.

With the large shadow brush, I added kitten to my brow bone. I also filled in my brows with Espresso and gelled them (just started using a new gel, not sure how I feel about it quite yet). I coated my lashes with a layer of Clump Crusher first and then went over them with the Mary Kay mascara.

I then applied Sun Beam highlighter (first, since it's liquid), my blush and bronzer. If you've ever wondered why I use one brush for all of those parts (not the liquid highlighter, that I blended in with my fingers), it's because I like the colors from each part to show up in the next application. When all of my products are powder, I apply my blush first so that it's the most "pure", then my bronzer so that there is a bit of my blush in it, and then my highlighter so that there are hints of the bronzer. I know most people use different brushes, but I like to use the same one.

I applied a thin layer of my YSL lipstick and blended it in with my fingers and then applied the Juice Beauty gloss on top.

And there you have it!

And... rock the look. :)

If you have any questions or  comments, leave them for me down below!

(all photos copyright Allison Richardson Photography and not available for use without permission)


  1. beautiful look! i have been using the same sparkly taupe for 8 years, love the nude sparkle. Can I ask about the thickness of your lashes - do you put something on them to make them grow like that?

    1. I'm lucky enough to just have long, thick lashes! I always make sure to take my eye makeup off every night and remove all traces of mascara to keep them healthy. Since lashes are basically hair, I use an eye makeup remover with oil to help nourish.

    2. aah, I don't know why i never thought of them as hair :)