Friday, November 22, 2013

Revlon Matte Balm : Product Review/Follow Up

Remember when I did my first review on these? And I absolutely hated the color that I had gotten? Well, after stalking and talking on Reddit and Youtube, I decided that I should give this product another chance. Everyone said that this shade, Standout, was awesome and that it wasn't drying and it didn't flake and so forth and so on. Walgreens is having a 40% off sale on Revlon products this week and partnered with some coupons, I got this for $2. I decided I could test it out again for $2.

The Facts

Price: $8.99/each (this was at Walgreens in Kansas)
Amount of Product: .095 oz
Number of Shades: 10 

Shade that I used: Stand Out
Coverage: Full (Matte)
Application: Tube to lips!

Wear Time: The wear time for this shade is about 10x more impressive than the other shade that I had, Unapologetic. This wear for a solid work day with minimal touch ups.

Thoughts: Like I wrote up above, I was ready to write this product off after that first experience, but after much internet sleuthing, I found this shade. I've seen lots of reviews that are good and bad and I've come to the conclusion that the quality really really depends on the shade that you pick up. Since these are so cheap at Walgreens this week (sale runs through tomorrow and you can pick up a coupon in the coupon books at the front of the store for extra money off!), I think I might pick up one or two more. Standout is amazing quality and I really like this. I am a big fan of matte reds and this one does not fail to impress. It's a semi-dark and flattering-for-many-skin-tones red. It applies like a dream, doesn't emphasize any flakes I might have on my lips, and it stays on without excessive drying. I've worn this several times since I got it and it wears amazingly. 

(after 8 hours of wear)

(freshly applied)

Sorry that the pictures above are in soft focus, but I wanted to show you how it wears after an 8 hours work day. It's almost completely intact and that's after a bag of cheetos, a granola bar, string cheese, a sandwich, and pudding (and several cups of water). 

Final Verdict: This red is definitely worth the cost of this Matte Balm, but please be wary when purchasing other shades as the quality differs greatly from color to color. Check for reviews from YouTubers and other bloggers if you are interested in a shade other than this or Unapologetic!

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  1. I'm happy to read that they are not all bad. And that colour looks great on you.