Monday, January 27, 2014

Blog renovation and posting calendar

Hey everyone! So, if you haven't noticed yet, the look of the blog has undergone a mini face lift. I decided it was time to change everything over to the look that the photos have had for the last few weeks; something to make the blog look a little more sleek and put together.

There are going to be more changes coming soon, but I will be rolling them out slowly so that it doesn't seem like a completely different place. Changes that will happening eventually will include things such as affiliate links (once I find a company that I like) and advertising. Both things are somewhat necessary for me to continue on with the blog since I do try to devote a lot of my spare time to it. Advertising will be kept small and to a minimum since I don't want this page to look cluttered and cheap. When I do end up starting with affiliate links, I will notify you that what you are clicking on is through an affiliate.

And the last bit of info that will be starting up in about a week or two is a posting calendar. As of right now, I kind of just post whatever is relevant to me at the time being, but I understand that people really like a regulated posting calendar with the same types of posts on the same days each week. This doesn't mean that I'm going to stop posting product reviews or beauty box updates, those will still be here. It means that I can bring more content every week in a way that's awesome for you and easier for me. I haven't come to a decision about what will go on which day, but there will be a day each week reserved for tutorials (YouTube or pictorial), quick tips, and maybe something like a "news roundup" each week to keep you guys up to date on all of the newest beauty news. If there is anything that you want to see in particular, leave a comment here or on my Facebook (or shoot me an email if neither of those options float your boat).

Essentially, what I'm trying to tell you in the three short paragraphs above is that I'm acting on making this blog better, more cohesive, and a more enjoyable experience for you and me!

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