Monday, February 10, 2014

30 Random Facts : About Me

I don't talk about my personal life much (if ever) on this blog since I typically like to keep the topic of conversation about beauty. However, every once in a while, a mood strikes me and I think, "You know what might be fun? If I let the people who read this blog know a little bit more about me". Then I puss out at the last minute because... reasons. Anyhow, one of the beauty bloggers that I read, Nicci over at, tagged me in a "30 Random Facts" post and I decided to play and let you guys in on a very specific type of weird.

  1. This isn't random by any means, but since I don't say this a lot, my real name is Allison.
  2. I've lived abroad twice; both times in France but in two completely different regions.
  3. I speak French, not fluently, but enough that I can get by pretty easily. I'm starting to lose it though since I don't speak it very often. I try to make an effort to read things in French as often as possible and I speak to myself in French in my car and at home (because I'm crazy and because I want to practice).
  4. I clock in at 6' tall. And yes, I played basketball but no, I didn't play volleyball.
  5. Speaking of sports, I started playing soccer at 5 years old and haven't ever stopped. I quit playing competitively at 16, but I never stopped playing recreationally. I don't ever plan on stopping either; not until my knees say no more.
  6. I love animals, but specifically dogs. At one point, my family had 5 dogs and it was a bit of a zoo, but I loved it. I currently have one dog (a terrier, shiba inu mix), but definitely look forward to building my pack. :) p.s. I will only ever adopt pets, I will never buy.
  7. I gauged my ears when I was 18, but took them out after trying to stretch one ear too quickly and ripping the skin on my ear open. There was a lot of blood.
  8. I have had (including ears) 5 piercings and I have 2 tattoos. I am seriously tempted to get my nose pierced again, but I'm really not sure how practical it is. There are definitely more tattoos in my future.
  9. I am horrible at keeping up with TV and more often than not, just stream the shows whenever I remember to watch them.
  10. I absolutely hate beer and even drinking a glass of it makes me feel like I'm going to get the shits (sorry... too much?). I like white wine and Vodka; occasionally Tequila but never Rum (college ruined Rum for me).
  11. I'm Polish and Dutch and English (and a million other things), but I mostly claim the Polish the side.
  12. I can and will talk to anyone about poop. Yup. I think it is one of the greatest and fastest ways to bond with someone; tell them your poop stories.
  13. I don't strive to be incredibly weird, but I think a lot of people like me because I am fairly weird and it makes them feel better because they know that they aren't as weird as me. (example: Man... I feel like I'm really weird, but... at least I'm not as weird as Allison!)
  14. I used to be really in to anime, but Sailor Moon is what got me into it and therefore, will always be my favorite. Always.
  15. I majored in French and Art History (with studio emphasis).
  16. Despite the above, I am a photographer by profession. I do freelance and work as a product photographer. (p.s. kids, if you want to be a photographer, don't ever think that you need to go to college and major in it! You just need to shoot, a lot, and build your portfolio.)
  17. I was bitten in the face by my dog when I was 15 years old. I had to have reconstructive plastic surgery and 17 stitches put into my face. The scar on my lip is from that and it's also the reason that my face is fairly asymmetrical. And no, we didn't put the dog down. It's a long story, but my dog got to live.
  18. I have a port-wine stain over a fairly large part of the left side of my body; my left arm, upper chest region, and my back. It was darker when I was born but it's faded considerably and most people don't notice unless I point it out. It also gets darker the colder I am. 
  19. I was 18 the first time that I ever went to the dentist and I had one cavity. I went back to the dentist a year later and had 7 cavities. Thank you binge drinking at college!
  20. I'M THE BABY! (two things here; I actually am the baby of my family, but also, the TV show Dinosaurs... how great was that show?)
  21. My brain is full of useless trivia and pop culture references. Every time I type something, I want to include something dumb, but then I feel like people won't get it and just think that I'm some sort of weirdo. 
  22. I know a shit ton of people, but like most people, I only have a handful of extremely close friends. They are my best friends and it doesn't matter if I only see them once a year or every other weekend; they are my family and there is no judgment between us. 
  23. I was never legitimately in a relationship until I was 25. I dated people, but I never wanted anyone to be my boyfriend. I wouldn't let anyone be my boyfriend. I was extremely anti-relationship. 
  24. Even though I try to get up early now, I am not a morning person. I was always the person who stayed up until 3 or 4 in the morning; sadly that period of my life is over.
  25. I have TMJ and horrendous bite issues. I definitely need to get my jaw broken and reset, but that's an investment I'm not entirely sure that I want to make since it doesn't always fix the issue.
  26. I also love fashion and it's what initially got me into love makeup. I've gone to Paris twice during Fashion Week just to see all of the models and the clothing. 
  27. I have issues with picking. It's never gotten out of control, but it's definitely a bad habit.
  28. I have a huge fondness for men with big noses. I don't know... but I like it.
  29. I love coffee; living in France is what converted me to the stuff. I hate blonde roast and medium roast is only passable; the darker it is, the better. 
  30. My Taco Bell order = Two bean burritos with no onions. That's it; sometimes I embellish with a third item, but that's pretty much all I get.
And there you have it, 30 random facts about me. I don't know who to tag though since Nicci pretty much tagged all of the people that I read on a regular basis, hmmmm. If you beauty blog and end up doing one of these, leave me a comment with a link to your blog! I love reading other people's blogs and really love getting to know the community on a more personal level.


  1. Yay, I loved reading this! FYI, you and my husband have the EXACT SAME Taco Bell order.

    1. Hooray! Also, this convinces me that your husband is probably the second coolest person on this planet (after me, of course).

  2. Why soooOOoOo tallllllllllllll.

    Ear gauging looks painful. Did they stretch a lot for you to have the weird dangly bits?

    1. My entire family is tall, except for my sister who we joke it the short one (she's only 5'8").

      I never went huge with my gauges, so my earlobes returned to normal size. I think I only ever got to a 6; I didn't want to have dangly lobes for the rest of my life :)