Saturday, May 4, 2013 Mystery Box : Real Talk

If you follow me on Facebook, you might have seen me mention that I had recently subscribed to a new beauty box. Well, it arrived about two weeks ago and I've finally gotten around to photographing it, so I can finally tell you guys about it and my first thoughts on the whole thing. This is's mystery beauty box and it is available for $24.95 a month or if you want to try it out once, it's $34.95. This is the most expensive beauty box that I've ever tried, so keep reading to see if I think that it's actually worth the price.

I signed up for this using the $24.95/month option because you can cancel at anytime and I knew that I would want to try this out for at least several months. says that the box is worth over $100 and that every box would be guaranteed the Tendu Treatment Mask. Also, you get a free sample and a free gift with every order on (for this order, I got a Dermstore lip treatment and a moisturizer sample) and after ordering more from, I've come to learn that the free gift each time is a house brand item. 

Just as I did with my other beauty box reviews, I have not tested all of these products and I'm not here to give you reviews on each product. The point of this is to show you what came in the box so that you can decide if you think it's something you would like to purchase in the future. I don't want to sway you with whether or not the product worked for me.

First up are the three skin care items: Vichy Eau Thermal Spa Water, SkinMedica Ultra Sheer Moisturizer, and Obagi Foaming Gel Cleaner. Can I see myself using these? For the most part, yes. I have always wanted water in a can (I'm being serious here, not facetious) and I can't tell you why. Something about people spraying Evian on their faces is something from childhood that always seemed so luxurious to me. I have no clue why I still think that it's fancy and luxurious, but I do. Also, I'm going to be on an international flight in the near future, so I plan to take this with me to refresh my skin a bit. Ultra sheer moisturizer also speaks to me and when I check it out, it's actually part of an acne skincare regimen, which means it will be good for my oily skin. The only thing that I may not use is the Obagi; I'm fairly set on my cleansers, but I may still try it out.

Since says that this box is worth $100+, I decided to check it out. Here are the these item's costs:

Vichy Eau Thermal Spa Water: $9.50
SkinMedica Ulta Sheer Moisturizer: $6.75 (full size is 2 oz at $54.00)
Obagi Foaming Gel Cleanser: $11.79 (full size is 6.7 oz at $39.50)

Next up, I have the Paula Dorf Lip Liner and MUD Cosmetics Eye Liner. I always love getting lip liner and they sent this in the shade Sultry, which is basically a warm nude shade, perfect for going under pretty much any lipstick. The MUD (Make-Up Designory) Cosmetics pencil says on the packaging that it's soft enough to be an eye pencil and hard enough to be a brow pencil; I got this in a really dark shade, as in almost black, so it won't work on my brows, but I can use it on my eyes. However, it's a bit hard for the eyes and in this day and age, when ever CoverGirl is making awesome eyeliners, it seems a bit... outdated to be using a hard pencil for the eyes. 

Paula Dorf Lip Liner (full size): $20
MUD Cosmetics Eye Liner (full size): $13

And the item that the advertised as going into every box, the Tendu Treatment Mask. Now, if I still had my short hair or planned on keeping my hair short, I would probably not have even signed up for this box since this was the lead item. However, I am growing my hair back out and this will be very useful for me along the way, so I got it. 

Tendu Treatment Mask (full size): $60

Total Value of Box: $121.04

So, it does live up to's claim of being worth over $100. Obviously, I would never pay $60 for a hair treatment unless it made rainbows grow out of my head, but I can deal with getting a treatment mask and 5 other items for $24.95. All in all, I'm pretty happy with my first mystery box from and will eagerly await my next one. Just for a clarification on this box, is one of three sister sites (,, and, so you do get products from all three sites.

 If you are interested in this box, you can visit or if you would like a referral link, please feel free to send me your email address at and I'd be happy to send one over.

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