Monday, May 6, 2013

Recent Purchases : Real Talk

Again, if you follow me on Facebook, you get to read about my recent purchases but in the past, that's pretty much where it ends unless I write a review on it or use it in a tutorial. Due to that and the fact that not all of these items will show up on of those two places, I thought it might be fun and lighthearted to show you what I've bought beauty wise in the last two weeks or so and give you a little insight as to why I purchase them. Keep reading to find out more on the products above!

First up is the MAC Reflects Antique Gold Glitter. Let me say right off the bat that even though this is "glitter", it really seems to be more of a really shimmery pigment, which I knew before purchasing. I've seen several looks online using this glitter and I decided that it was absolutely necessary to order it. Did you guys know that offers free shipping on any order in the US? Well, if you didn't, you do now (I'm sorry, but also, you're welcome). The only thing making me a bit perturbed with this already is that the cap is flimsy and it's making this a little bit leaky. I will never travel with this glitter.

I haven't done anything other than take off the black cap and you can already see that it's everywhere. It's true, glitter is the herpes of the craft (makeup) box. 

Next up are several items I ordered through the Birchbox store with my points that I have been saving up. I thought that I would order the Nude 'Tude palette from The Balm, but I changed my mind after finding another neutral palette that I wanted. Anyhow, this lipstick from Paul & Joe is one of the items that I ordered and I have completely fallen in love with the packaging and the color.

The color is called Silk Stockings and it's a very warm, deep pink. It's super retro toned and I got really lucky with this since it happens to look great on my skin. 

I also picked up a Spornette Little Wonder brush for teasing and also to brush out any excess dry shampoo. I've heard that boar bristle brushes are great for that and this one was basically free for me, so why not? The little clear bottle is Alessandro Fast Dry drops. I have used Out the Door in the past, but I thought that it would be nice to try something different and they are drops, so it shouldn't smear my polish.

After using the Yes To Tomatoes Acne Repairing Lotion, I decided to pick up something else up from the line. I read great reviews on this Daily Clarifying Cleanser and I plan on testing it out to replace my current cleanser. This one retails for $9.99 whereas the cleanser I'm using now is $25. I'm crossing my fingers that this is awesome and I can replace the very expensive cleanser.

This and the previous three items I got from the Birchbox shop and I only had to pay $9.99 for all of it because of my rewards points. If you have any interest in Birchbox, you can check it out here.

And last, but not least, my most recent order: the Lorac Pro Palette. was having a 25% off sale that ended earlier this week, so I decided to pick this up at a lovely reduced price. This is the reason that I didn't pick up the Nude 'Tude palette in the Birchbox shop; the colors in the two palettes are quite different, but they both fall into the neutrals category, so I decided to only get one. I never even had any interest in the Lorac Pro Palette, but then I joined Reddit and started surfing the Makeup Addiction subreddit and it completely changed my mind on this.

The shadows are a bit small, but the entire top row is matte shades and the bottom row is shimmer shades. I used this today for the first time and I'm pretty please with the results, but I'm going to have to keep testing it out before I can do a product review on this specific palette (and believe me, there will be a product review on this).

And there you have it, my recent purchases. Well... my recent purchases aside from the Stila sale, but that is getting a post all to itself since there are so many items. If you have any questions on any of these items, feel free to leave a comment down below!

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