Monday, September 9, 2013

L'Oreal Colour Riche Lip Pencils : Review

It's been a little while since I've done a product review or it at least feels like it's been a while. I was at Target a few weekends ago with my friend, Chelsea, when we saw these and decided that we both needed to purchase them to try out. We were both confused at first because we thought that they were marker tipped or something, but when opened, it was revealed that they are more like a very skinny lipstick. Here are the facts...

The Facts

Price: $7.99 each (this was at Target in Kansas)
Amount of Product: .03 oz
Number of Shades: 4 in each formulation (I believe)
Claim: No idea. The L'Oréal website doesn't even have these online yet!

Shade(s) that I used: Lacquer-ized and She's So Matte

Coverage: These are very opaque, full color lipsticks!

Application: I apply them straight from the tube. While you could use a lip brush, I think you might lose the special finishes that accompany each type of product.

Wear Time: The wear time for the Le Matte is amazing; I ate an apple with it on my lips and while some color came off, it was still pretty good looking. Both La Laque and Le Matte will stain the lips a bit so that your lips will look good after color transfer. La Laque is meant to look like, you guessed it, lacquer, so it doesn't wear quite as well.

La Laque is amazingly shiny and completely non-sticky; it may be the best solution for those of us who love shiny lips but hate lip gloss. I was completely baffled the first time I put it on because it was just so incredibly shiny, but it had come from a lipstick. I would really like to know what goes in to this product to make it like that, but I guess I'll have to wait until L'Oréal releases some information on this line.

(this looks a bit shiny because I applied it over lip balm. On its own, it is completely matte like the swatch above)

Final Verdict: If you are a lipstick lover of any sort, get yourself to Target or Walmart or wherever you find L'Oréal products and pick these up in one of the eight shades. They are seriously awesome and insanely affordable for the final outcome. Even if you aren't a lipstick lover, check these bad boys out!

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