Monday, April 22, 2013

Cheap Nose Job : Tutorial

I think that most people have some sort of issue with their nose, whether it be the length, the size, if it slopes nicely, nostril size, what have you. I have a love/hate relationship with my own nose and for the days that I absolutely hate it, I can lean on contouring to help me go back to the loving side of the relationship. For this tutorial, it may look a little severe, but I really wanted to be able to show you the difference in the looks. Keep reading for more.

Here are my tools:

1) A pencil eye shadow brush or semi-finely tipped eye shadow brush; mine is from Smashbox
2) Matte bronzer, I am using Milk Chocolate Soleil from Too Faced
3) A blending eye shadow brush
4) A highlighting concealer, I have Magic Lumi Touch by L'Oréal

So this is where I'm starting. The thing that I want to reduce most about my nose is the bulbous tip; all that means is that the tip of my nose is more rounded and full, kind of like a ball. However, to make the tip look smaller, I'm also going to have to contour the bridge of my nose.

As you can see here, I have brought the bronzer down the sides of the bridge of my nose and brought it in to make a sharper point on the tip of my nose. This is going to create the illusion of shadow which is what contouring is all about.

Then I blend it out a bit, but not fully. I use the bigger blending brush for this step and I put a small amount of bronzer on it when I go in to blend.

I then go in with my highlighting concealer or luminzer and highlight in between my brows, down the middle of the bridge of my nose, and on the cheek area closest to my nose. Again, we're creating an illusion and these are the areas that I want to draw attention to and make them appear higher.

I blend all of that in and then blend out the rest of my shadow areas. It might not look too different here, but when you compare it.



Therefore, I title this the cheap nose job. What do you guys think, does contouring seem too crazy for you or is it something that you're in to? Let me know down below!

(all photos copyright Allison Richardson Photography and not available for use without permission)

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