Friday, April 5, 2013

False Lashes : A quick how-to

I feel a bit like I'm misleading you lovely readers by showing you one look last week using false lashes and giving you a how-to for falsies this week; I don't wear false lashes... like ever. Ok, that's not completely true, but in the year 2012, I can count on one hand how many times I wore them. It's not that there is anything wrong with false lashes, it's just that I am pretty content with my own lashes, so I don't often see the need. If I am going to wear them, they are generally going to be very extreme. Personal information behind, I know that a lot of people where false lashes because they are discontent with their own lashes and want them spruced up beyond the typical swipes of mascara. That's where this comes in. This is a very quick and easy how-to for falsies, but please keep in mind, like with any sort of beauty process, it does take time to learn how to apply false lashes. Keep reading to see how I go about this...

Alright, first things first, I don't do full strip lashes because they look completely and ridiculously absurd on me. If I'm going to wear false lashes, they will be individual or half lashes, the latter of which I'm showing you here. I think Ardell makes great false lashes and they are one of the only brands that mass produces half lashes. If you would prefer half lashes and only have the full strip type, just cut them in half. Easy peasy.

You also need a good glue and I think that this is where a lot of people mess up. I remember the first time I tried to apply false lashes and I did so by using the glue that came in the package... worst mistake. For starters, it's not going to be good quality and that just leads to a whole slew of other problems. If you are planning to wear your false lashes all day or just for the night out, you have to have good glue. Just trust me on this. I use the dark toned Duo because I have never applied false lashes without wearing black eyeliner. Duo also comes in a clear formula, which is white when you squeeze it out of the tube and then it dries clear. 

The first step is to get some glue on the lash base, which you can do two different ways. The first way is to squeeze the glue directly on to the lash base, but if you do this, you need to be careful not to squeeze the tube too hard or you're going to end up with a huge mess. You can also squeeze out a bit of glue onto a surface of your choice and run the base of the lash through the glue. Either way, you need to make sure that the entire base has glue on it and that it's a healthy amount. Too much glue will take forever to dry and make the lash bulky and too little glue makes you run the risk of losing a lash halfway through the day/night. You also need to allow the glue that you apply to get a bit tacky. Depending on the amount you applied, it can take anywhere between 30-60 seconds and believe me, you need to count out loud or set a timer, because 30 seconds is a lot longer than it feels.

Before I apply my lashes, I put on mascara and for this tutorial, I also curled my lashes. I definitely recommend curling your lashes if they are not naturally curled since false lashes are curled. They will just blend better. I typically place my lashes with a pair of tweezers since they are smaller than my fingers and can get down into my lashes. I think placing lashes is the most unique part of the process because everyone does this differently. I prefer to place the center of the lash first and then adjust the corners as I see fit.

Once I have the lashes placed where I want them, I press them into my own lashes with my fingers. If you do this step and the lashes come off, it means that you didn't wait long enough for the glue to become tacky. If they come off completely, just peel the glue off the back of the lash and start over. Many people apply mascara again at this point to get the false lashes to blend with their own. I find the pressing method to be perfectly fine for me, so I do not apply more mascara.

Here we have false lashes on the right side, but not on the left.

And false lashes on both eyes.

And with my eyes closed. Now, I wanted to show you this angle so that you can see how false lashes appear when you're looking down/have your eyes closed; it is fairly obvious that I have on false lashes and to me, that is the biggest downfall of strip false lashes. False lashes are very uniform, very glossy and of course, fairly unnatural looking. Strip lashes are the worst offenders when your eyes are closed because they look, pardon my slang, hella fake. I prefer individuals (of those trios I showed you last week) because they are more believable and in my opinion, just better looking all around. Again, this is my opinion, so take it with a grain (or pound) of salt.

However, at this angle, they look awesome, I won't lie to you. They make my lashes look extra long and voluminous and babe-a-licious. 

And another photo. Those lashes are seriously babein' and they looked pretty stellar in real life. 

I hope that this makes understanding how to apply false lashes a little easier. Have any questions? Feel free to hit me up on Facebook or leave your question down below!

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