Friday, April 26, 2013

L'Oréal Colour Careese Wet Shine Stain : Product Review

While I am on eyeball hiatus (the left one will be extremely dilated probably until tomorrow afternoon), I figure why not give you a guys a product review on my new favorite product. I guess that introducing it as such kind of gives away the fact that I like it, but seeing as how I am not a gloss fan, you should keep reading to find out why I like this very glossy looking product.

The shade that I picked up in the Caresse Wet Shine Stain is called Lilac Ever After, which to me, sounds like it should be, oooooh, I don't know, lilac? However, this shade is pretty much no where near lilac and is really a dusty rose/mauve type shade and, I'm hoping you know where I'm going with this, is a MLBB shade (MLBB = My Lips But Better) for me. Maybe not the best color choice when trying to test out a stain, but I picked it up regardless.

From the main image, you can see that this stain comes with a doe foot applicator that has a hole through the middle. This is the exact same type of applicator that comes on my very well loved Maybelline Superstay 10 hour Gloss Stain, but that's where the similarities between these two end. I love the Maybelline stain because it's thin and sets to a stain very quickly. I like this product because it's a non sticky gloss that holds its shine for over an hour.

Originally, I had wanted to show you guys the product on my lips, but there's no way I'm subjecting my eyes to flashes of light. This product truly is a gloss and a stain all in one which I think is pretty cool. It feels very expensive on the lips and I think that this is pretty comparable to the YSL Glossy Stains (L'Oréal owns YSL, just so you know) at a much lower price point. It does start out feeling like a gloss, but a good lip gloss, none of that sticky, nasty crap. It holds its shine for a good while as long as you aren't subjecting your lips to eating or heavy fluid intake (I drink through a water bottle, so this doesn't apply to me). After a few hours, it does get a bit tacky, but it still never feels sticky, which is great. I did notice that when eating, quite a bit of color came off on my fork and when I wiped my mouth, the brunt of the color came off on my napkin.

That's what I thought at least; this is where the stain factor comes in. Since this is a MLBB shade, the stain isn't horribly noticeable, but it is there. See the photos below.

This is first application of the product on my arm, notice how it isn't at all lilac? :)

And the stain left behind after about a minute of being on my skin. You can see that it does stain fairly quickly, which is a good quality in a stain.

For drugstore, this is on the pricier side, ringing in at about $8-$10, but in my opinion, it's worth it. Will you be picking up one of these shine stains?

(all photos copyright Allison Richardson Photography and not available for use without permission)

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