Monday, February 11, 2013

Easy Peasy Date Night Look : Tutorial

I think that I have a very different definition of date night makeup than most people do, but I usually think of it from a guy's perspective. I feel like guys are constantly complaining that girls are wearing too much makeup and they wish that they wouldn't, blah blah blah. Nine out of ten time, I would say that they can shove it and I'll wear what I want on my own face, but sometimes it's nice (I suppose...) to give in to what they want. That to me is what date makeup is, something simple that still looks great. So, if you're looking for vampy eyes and sexy red lips, that isn't this look. This look is very simple, very easy to achieve, and takes very few products. Keep reading to find out how to get it!

So here is what I used for this look (beyond foundation routine, primer, and my mascara - these are all the same as they usually are)
1) Silver Birch eyeshadow by MAC - part of the Après Chic collection
2) Laura Mercier Caviar stick in Orchid - this is the first time I had used this, I like it A LOT
3) Urban Decay Afterglow Cheek Tint in Quickie (e.l.f. studio blush in Pink Passion is a great dupe)
4) MAC Mineralize Skin Finish in Redhead
5) Revlon Lip Butter in Crème Brulée
6) L'Oréal Colour Caresse in Blushing Sequin

Foundation routine and eye primer applied! (Ignore the scab beneath my nose; it's super irritated and bright red ::sad face::)

 First things first, I applied Silver Birch all over the lid. I really like colors that can stand alone and look awesome and that's what Silver Birch is. Everyone should have colors like this in their arsenal; you can make them look awesome by adding more shadows and colors, but they are also multi-dimensional on their own.

I then went in and winged it out a tiny amount.

I then added the caviar stick in Orchid under my eye in a pretty solid line and winged it out a bit right under the shadow. I love this shade because it's a shimmery lavender, but it doesn't add any color from under eye circles. It's extremely creamy and just glides on like butter.

I wanted to keep the eyes light and fresh, so I skipped eye liner completely... which is like skipping a meal for me; I just feel empty. I added a generous coating of mascara and added just a touch to my bottom lashes.I typically don't apply mascara to my bottom lashes because they are extremely long and it just looks stupid on me, but if you have shorter lashes, GO FOR IT. Adding mascara the your bottom lashes can really make your eyes pop and look extraordinary.

 I added Quickie, which is a cool pink blush, to my cheeks with my fingers. I also added some highlighter to help bring my sad winter skin to life.

I wanted a nude-ish, light pink lip, but didn't have anything that I really wanted to use, so I decide to blend two colors. On my top lip is Blushing Sequin by L'Oréal and on the bottom is Crème Brulée by Revlon. 

 I just rubbed my lips together and then blended a bit with my fingers.

So, the thing about this look is that it's incredibly easy and it's fairly light. Like I was saying at the very beginning, I don't typically give in to what a guy wants because I feel like it's giving up your personal style. At the same time, I understand that a lot of guys (and ladies too! no discrimination here) want their partner to feel comfortable and not spend 3 hours getting ready to go out and then fuss over their makeup all night. If I'm going out with my ladies, I vamp it up and do crazy makeup, but for the boy, I keep it simple and light.

What do you guys wear for your date night makeup?

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