Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Happy Booster Blush : First Impressions

A little bit of Valentine's Day fun! I bought this blush a few days ago and I thought it would be appropriate to tell you guys about it for Valentine's Day. It's covered in little hearts, what could be better! Keep reading for swatches and my first impressions on the blush.

So I picked up this Physician's Formula Happy Booster Blush in Rose (there is also the shade "Pink" available). It is an accumulation of little differently colored hearts that you are meant to swirl together to achieve one beautiful color. It comes with the blush and then you can flip that portion up to reveal a two colored brush and a mirror. I haven't used the brush, I never use these brushes, so... sorry I can't tell you too much about it; it's cute and it's not too harsh feeling.

This blush is actually labeled as a "glow and mood boosting blush", so I actually read the information section to see how it's supposed to be mood boosting. It claims to have natural plant extracts that have been shown to mimic the effect of endorphins AND it smells like violets (which I suppose also makes you happy?). I don't know if I believe all that, I can't say that I've been mood boosted when I wear this. And it doesn't smell much like violets; it smells like makeup. 

Regardless of all of that mumbo jumbo, I love the color of this blush and that it has just a tiny bit of shimmer to it; no glitter. It's a beautiful, subtle rosy color that will probably look good on most people. It feels soft on the skin and I haven't noticed any bad side effects from it. I picked this up from CVS because all Physician's Formula products are 50% this week and I might go back and pick up the pink shade. All in all, a good blush and definitely worth the $6 I paid. And even if it sucked, I might still be sucked in because it has hearts all over it. :)


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