Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Winged Liner : Tutorial

Winged liner, the ultimate when it comes to liquid liner. I love winged liner or the cat eye or whatever you would like to call it, but I know that a lot of people fear this look. It's actually fairly easy to achieve once you understand how to do it. This is a very quick tutorial on how to get the look, but remember to keep your own eye shape in mind when you're trying to go for this look. Keep reading to find out how to achieve this liner look.

I typically use Maybelline Line Stiletto, but I decided to mix things up for this tutorial. If you're just starting out, you may find it easier to use a pen or marker style liner as they don't deposit as much color all at once; I used this Eyeko Skinny Liner in black.

I start out by lining my eye with a solid black line. In these photos, you can see that I've started fairly thin all over, but that it's thinner the closer I get to the tear duct. I like to keep it thin by the tear duct so that you can see any eye shadow I would have applied previously.

I then go in and draw a line going from the outer corner of my eye that goes up to about my natural crease. This is where things are going to change; your eye shape can determine at what angle you draw this line. If you notice in the picture with my eye closed, I don't line all the way to the outer corner and it's because my eyes are bit doe-y and I find that if I go all the way over, the wing is too low. Play with this a bit to find the angle that you like.

Then, I connect the top of the wing to the base line that I drew first.This step right here is another reason why I keep that line thin, I'm going to make it thicker anyway, so why waste product?

Then, I simply fill this area in. 

I wanted my winged liner to be a little bit more dramatic, so I made everything a little bit thicker. The thicker the lines, the more and more dramatic it will be, so unless you're going for Amy Winehouse style liner, be careful. Even though I do this look most days, I always start thinner than I think I want and build it up. I also do this in case I completely mess up one eye. If you do mess up on one of your eyes, just a bit more liner to try to even them out. If they can't be fixed, then take makeup remover on a cotton swab and remove what you can or just remove completely.

And here's what both eyes look like. Another thing to keep in mind when doing your eyes, whether it's liner or shadow, is the size of your eyelids in comparison to one another. My left eye is just a bit bigger all around, so I line it a bit thicker so that the lids look more even.

Does this help you guys understand how to do winged liner? Let me know if there are any other tips of tricks that would help you with everyday makeup!

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