Wednesday, February 27, 2013

J. Cat Beauty : Lip Product Reviews

If you guys have not ever heard of J. Cat Beauty, I would not be surprised. They are a fairly new cosmetics company, but I'm thinking that they're going to end up making quite a big splash in the world of affordable cosmetics. I got in contact with them a few weeks ago and they were kind enough to send me* several of their products to try out and after having used them quite a few times, I feel like I can tell you guys about them. Keep reading to find out more about J. Cat's Fantabulous Lipsticks and Eternal Shine Lip Glazes.

p.s. I received a few other products from them as well and will be reviewing them in the next week!

First up are the three lipsticks that I was sent; all of these are from the Fantabulous line and say right on the packaging that they are moisturizing, long lasting, and contain vitamin E. The packaging of these lipsticks is fairly simple, a lot of text on the container itself, but I like that you can see exactly what color you are picking up due to the sheer middle section. I also like that when you twist these lipsticks back down after using, there is a little "click" you can hear so that you know it's secured.

I received (from left to right) Apple Pie (FL141), Splashed Pink (FL 127), and Vivid Rose (FL115). As with most new makeup, I was skeptical of all the claims that they made for this lipstick, especially considering the fact that these retail for $2.49. However, I was pleasantly surprised that these really do follow through with most of the advertised claims. The absolute best thing about these lipsticks (aside from color) is that they truly are moisturizing and they stay that way for hours. A lot of lipsticks have a tendency to dry out after a few hours and flake (or show chapping), but these stayed moist. Since these aren't actual longwear lipsticks, meaning they aren't marketed to last for 12 hours, they aren't going to act like a longwear lipstick. The color definitely stays on your lips, but if you are eating and drinking, you are probably going to have to reapply. I drank a smoother with Splashed Pink on my lips and it stayed put, but I ate pizza with Apple Pie on and I needed a quick touch up after that.

(L to R; Apple Pie, Splashed Pink, Vivid Rose)

I really lucked out with the colors that they sent me, because they are all really flattering with my skin tone and coloring. I often stay away from really pink lipsticks, like Splashed Pink because I often find them horribly unflattering, but Splashed Pink actually works for me. Apple Pie does look a touch warm in the picture above, but it's still a very flattering shade of red. I'm probably most excited about Vivid Rose because it's very similar to the shade that was used on the Diane Von Furstenberg FW 2013 runway.

All in all, these lipsticks are definitely worth the $2.49 price tag and are much better than some lipsticks out there that are 5x the price. I think I will be picking up a few more shades from J. Cat's website and with that price, you can afford to experiment with a number of shades.

And now on to the glosses. If you've been reading this blog for any amount of time, you should know that I have a tumultuous affair with glosses. I pretty much avoid lip glosses 90% of the time because they just don't turn out the way that I expect them to. I do have my lip glosses that I love and it's a very small assortment, but it might be getting a little bit bigger. These glosses are pretty awesome and it's fr two very distinct reasons; texture and color.

(L to R; Rose, Odyssey)

First off, most of you know that the reason I hate a lot of glosses is because they are sticky upon application and then just get tackier as the day progresses. These glosses are amazing because they do not do that whatsoever! They apply very nicely, very smooth, and not sticky at all and even once you wear them for a while, there is no tackiness. This is the most important thing for me when it comes to glosses and these fit perfectly under my "like" category. So. Awesome.

The other thing that I really, truly enjoy about the two glosses that I got is that they are just sheer color with no sparkle or glitter. I've been meaning to get some glosses like this, something that delivers shine without sparkle and they've just eliminated my need to look. Rose is fairly vibrant and looks really good on its own, but could easily be layered over a lipstick. I like Odyssey too, but I prefer to put this over a lipstick and right now, I like to layer it over Splashed Pink. The glosses are $2.49 as well which is just astounding to me considering the quality of the product.

All in all, I have kind of fallen in love with these two sets of products. I think that these are perfect for people who really want great quality products, but don't or can't drop $25 for a lipstick or gloss.

J. Cat is having a sale right now on their website, for 15% off your purchase when you use coupon code spring15. What do you guys think, going to go check this out for yourself?

(all photos copyright Allison Richardson Photography and not available for use without permission)

*items were sent to me courtesy of J. Cat Beauty, but I have received no compensation for this review. All opinions stated are my own.

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