Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Too Faced Romantic Eye Palette : Product Review

I feel like it's been quite a while since I've done an honest to goodness product review, so I decided that this week I'll do several of them to catch you guys up on all the new products that I've been trying. I picked this palette up at the Sephora inside JC Penney because it happened to be on sale for $22 (regularly $36). I have the natural palette from Too Faced and I like that product quite a bit. I look at the sample of this and swatched it in the store and decided to pick it up. You've already seen some of these shades on my eyes, but keep reading for the review and the product swatches.

You get nine shadows in this palette some of which are matte an some of which are shimmery; none of the shades are straight out glittery, mostly just shimmer and pearl. One of the things that stood out to me is that this palette didn't come with a brush, which looking into it further, it appears that none of the Too Faced palettes come with brushes anymore. When I bought the natural palette several years ago, it came with a little drawer that you could pull out and it held a brush. Not a big deal for me, I almost never used it anyway, but it did surprise me a bit.

All of the "box" palettes come with these little cards that show you several different looks with the shadow collections. The shadows are split into groups of three and each group is a different "look"; Day, Classic, and Fashion.

 Here's a look at all of the shadows in the pan. Unfortunately, some of them don't translate in photos as they appear in real life. Specifically the shade Honeymoon, which appears gold above, but is actually closer to an absolutely beautiful peridot shade.

Here are the Day shades (from left to right): Soulmates, I Do, and Un-veil. All of these shades are matte and are definitely what I would consider day shades. None of them are incredibly dark, although you could layer Un-veil to create a darker look. Soulmates is a cream matte shadow, I Do is a tan matte shadow, and Un-veil is a chocolate matte shadow. These are nice shades and shadows with no fallout at all.

These are the Classic shades (from left to right): Kiss the Bride, Cut the Cake, and First Dance. Kiss the Bride is a matte light pink that I often layer over a colored base or at the very least, a white base. The color matches my skin tone too much to show up on its own, so I find the base to be necessary for the color to show up. Cut the Cake is the first shimmer shadow in the palette and it's a light lavendar/grey shade. Unfortuantely, even though this is beautiful in the pan and shows up beautifully as a swatch, it doesn't translate as well when applied with a brush. First Dance is a matte medium purple and is probably my favorite shade from these three shadows. Again, no fall out from any of these shades.

And these are the Fashion shades (from left to right):  Bouquet Toss, Honeymoon, and Ever After. All of these shades are shimmery and my favorite shadow of the entire box is Honeymoon. Bouquet Toss is a warm, cream shimmer shade and works beautifully as a highlight shade. Honeymoon, like I stated at the beginning, is a very awesome peridot shade (the green is not showing up) and is amazing; I don't own any other shadow that is this exact shade; very unique. Ever After is a a warm, shimmery, chocolate brown. Again, no fall out on any of these shades.

Every time that I've worn these shadows I've used a primer, so I can't speak to their staying power alone, but with primer, they last all day. All of the shadows apply very easily and are very soft when applying them, but have no fall out, which is a mark of a great shadow. All in all, I would buy this palette again and at the regular retail (seriously, 9 shadows for $36 ain't too shabby). 

Do any of you own this palette and have thoughts on it? Let me know in the comments below!

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