Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Lip Service : Real Talk

 If you've been following this blog over the past month, then you would have seen it written here that I have a huge love/hate relationship with lip gloss. I love lip products in general, but I absolutely hate gloss 90% of the time. There are certain glosses that I love, which I will mention here, but most of the time, I wear something tinted, mildly sheer, and with a bit of shine. If you like all of those aforementioned things, keep reading to find out about some great products.

These two glosses are two of the very few that I actually enjoy. On the left is the Colorburst Lip Gloss and on the right, Super Lustrous Lip Gloss and they are both by Revlon. The texture to these two glosses is very similar; they both go on smoothly, they aren't gritty, and they aren't too slick and neither is sticky. The Colorburst lip gloss has more color to it, resting somewhere between a liquid lipstick and a gloss. I have two shades of this gloss and love both of them, the only downfall of this gloss is the smell (it's not overpowering or overly scented, it just has a smell that I find a bit odd). Now, as for the Super Lustrous gloss, I've been using it since high school and have gone through several tubes of the shade Pink Afterglow. This gloss has shades with and without glitter, but I prefer the glitter shades.

Next up on my list of ultimate lip favorites and out of everything on this list, these are probably my favorites OF the favorites. They are the Revlon Colorburst Lip Butters and I own 11 of the 20 shades. If you've never heard of these, they are basically like a lipstick and a chapstick combined, but better. They have just enough color that you don't have to be perfectly precise when applying, but they don't dry out for hours. I don't often wear pale shades on my lips (I'm pale, it just makes me look dead), but with these, I can venture into the nudes and pale pinks; case in point is Crème Brulée which is a nude shade and amazing.

Next up on my Revlon love affair is the Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain. I own 6 or 7 shades of this product and again, it's because it's absolutely amazing. I was never a fan of Revlon's Just Bitten Lip Stain, but these are completely different. These apply glossy and stay shiny for about an hour or two and after the shine dissipates, you are left with a nice light stain. Some of the colors are fairly light and aren't going to really leave a stain, so buyer beware if you go with the really light shades (like Charm). These are fairly comparable to the Tarte Lip Surgence...

The Tarte Lipsurgence! Very, very similar to the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain, but where Tarte has the upper hand is the variety of finishes. I have three different finishes; lustre, natural, and matte. The natural lip stain is essentially the exact same thing as the aforementioned Revlon stains, but the lustre and the matte are completely different, which is why I also own these. The lustres have glitter in them, making them look more like a gloss, but without annoying stickiness. The matte pencil is more like a lipstick pencil and looks ah-mazing in the red. These are a bit pricey in comparison to the Revlon product ($24 v. $8), but if you are looking for different finishes, then go for these.

And the kind of odd ball product. This is the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream, which is very hard to explain and is something that you really have to apply to understand. The description on the tube says "It's not lipstick, nor is it gloss. It's like nothing you've experienced before. It's lipstick cream that goes on silky but looks soft matte" which is exactly how I would describe this lip cream. It does eventually get dry, but it has the most unique finish of any product I've ever used. My only other warning about this product is that the tube does not always match the color of the product, so be wary.

What's your go to lip product?


  1. i also have had a love hate with lip gloss :) I just use avon dew kiss over a little lipstick now because it hydrates and looks shiny without the goopy wet look

  2. Good to know, I will have to look into that!