Friday, January 18, 2013

Line Stiletto : Favorites

Maybelline Line Stiletto : Hit Pan & Back Again

Another new post topic? Yes. I think that product reviews and tutorials are important, but I also think that it's important to tell you guys about products that I buy again and again aka my favorites. There are items in my makeup arsenal that are monthly favorites or seasonal favorites and then there are my all time favorites. I'm a liquid liner kind of girl; if I wore makeup every day (which I don't, I usually take a break on Sundays), I would say I wear liquid liner 6 days of the week with the 7th day being the occasional pencil or gel day. I'm very picky when it comes to liquid liners and I can tell you all about the kinds that I don't like, but I'll refrain.

My favorite types of liquid liner have a foam or felt tip applicator, have a thick consistency, and don't transfer to top of my lids as the day goes on; Maybelline's Line Stiletto easily fulfills all of that. When I say a thick consistency, I don't mean goopy, I mean that you should be able to do one line with wonderful color pay off. A lot of liquid liners can get thin and as a result, you are wiping a brush across your eyelid that is giving you a weird grey-ish color. I like this eyeliner because even if that begins to happen (it's usually an indicator that you're running low), you can dip it back into the body and recoat the felt tip. 

The formula of this liner is amazing and if you buy Blackest Black, it's incredibly dark, but what gets me to buy this time and time again is the applicator. It's fairly long and it tapers down to a very small tip which is incredibly useful when you are trying to create a thin line near your tear duct or trying to wing your liner to make a cat eye. With this applicator, you can create anything from a cute little kitten eye to Amy Winehouse style liner. I could write on and on about this liner because I love it that much, but I will refrain. Bottom line: If you use liquid liner, try this one out. It's available pretty much everywhere and you can get it for about $5.99.

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