Sunday, January 27, 2013

Revlon Nearly Naked : Product Review

Growing up, I had one type of foundation that I used and I never veered away from it. It was perfect for me at the time; it matched my skin, it was really affordable, and it covered up my breakouts (it was CoverGirl Smoothers Aqua Smooth in Ivory or Classic Ivory). These days, I jump at the opportunity to try out a new foundation because my skin is under control and I love to explore what the makeup world has to offer. The newest foundation that I picked up is Revlon Nearly Naked in Vanilla. Here's a spoiler: I love this foundation. However, keep reading after the jump to see why I actually like it.

So, the foundation is literally called Nearly Naked and they whole premise is that it is meant to be very lightweight and make your skin look natural, but still give you coverage. For my skin, I would say that this is almost a medium coverage. I used almost because it's not sheer enough to be a light coverage, but it's not thick enough to cover my dark circles or look anywhere near cakey.

I apply this foundation with my Real Techniques Expert Face Brush (which, by the way, this is the single most amazing buffing brush I have ever used and it costs less than $10, google this ish) and work it in starting on the middle of my face and working outward. One thing I do want to give warning on for this foundation, is that a little goes a long way, so start with less than you think you need. If you apply too much, this will just settle on your face and ain't nobody got time for that. I do enjoy the coverage of this foundation very much; it is one of the most flattering that I've used in a long time. 

The coverage is awesome in my opinion, but if you're working on covering a lot of blemishes or hyper pigmentation, you will also want to work with a concealer. The finish on this foundation is also very natural looking, which is another thing that makes this product fantastic. It isn't dewy and it isn't matte, it's somewhere in between and I'm not sure if I even know how to truly describe it. It just makes your skin look fresh.

It is long lasting, just like with any other Revlon foundation that I've used. For me, it does get a bit slick on the tops of cheeks and down the bridge of my nose by the end of the day, but I've never found a skin product with which this doesn't happen.

Here is my skin completely free of any product. You can see that there is some redness, blemishes, and visible pores.

And here is my skin after application. As you can see, it evened out my skin tone, covered up the redness, but you can still see my moles/freckles.

I think my only complaint with this foundation is something that I find with pretty much every line of foundation: there are very few options for girls with darker skin. If you are white or have light tan skin, you will easily find a match, but if you're much darker than that, I don't think you'll be able to find a match, unfotunately.

What do you guys think? Are you going to pick up a bottle to try it out yourself?


  1. Allison! Revlon is a client that I primarily work on now in New York. Glad you like the product, I'll have to pass this along.

  2. Ah! Catilin, that is so cool! I am a pretty huge fan of Revlon these days, I can't remember the last product of theirs that I didn't like. Thanks!