Monday, January 21, 2013

Red Lips : Tutorial

The red lip. It's a classic look that is can be used for practically any occasion. For this tutorial, I'll show you two different methods to achieve a red lip. The first look is for a more traditional red lip while the second tutorial (which only requires three steps) is for a more modern red lip. Keep reading for more on how to achieve these two looks.

Version 1

Here are the materials that you will need for the first look.

1) A lip scrub - I have Fresh Sugar Lip Polish, but Lush also makes these in lots of fun flavor
2) A red lip liner that matches the tone of your red lipstick For this look, you need to make sure that the undertones in the reds match. I have Sephora waterproof lipliner in Red.
3) Red Lipstick; I have Kate Moss for Rimmel in 01.
4) A powder brush that you don't mind getting lipstick on. This is just a cheap brush that came in a gift with purchase from Clinique.
5) A translucent powder. I have e.l.f.'s high definition powder, but you can use Makeup Forever's HD powder or even a $1 translucent powder. Whatever floats your boat.

You will start with the lip scrub and you can just rub it into your lips in a circular motion. The point of the scrub is to remove all of the dead skin sitting on top of your lips. When you are applying any bold lip color, you will want to start with a step similar to this. Bold colors have a tendency to magnify flaws, so if you have flakes of dead skin, everyone will see them. If you don't have a lip scrub available or don't like to use them, you can get the same effect by taking a very soft toothbrush, douse it in warm water, and softly rub it over your lips.

Wipe away the lip scrub with a damp washcloth. You can apply a light lip balm if you feel like your lips are dried out after this step.

The next step is to line your lips. I tend to overline the left side of my upper lip because my lip sinks down on that side (see that lovely scar on that side of my mouth? yeah...). You can make this line as bold as you want, because of the next step.


Fill in your lips with the liner. You don't have to worry about this being perfect because we are going to do more than one layer of lipstick.

Apply the lipstick.


Dust over your lips with the translucent powder. This step helps seal the color and makes your lip color long lasting.

Apply one more coat of lipstick and you're good to go! The bottom layer acts as a long-wear lipstick without the drying quality that usually accompanies those products and the top layer just adds an extra pop of color.

Version 2

1) A slightly blue toned red lip liner - I used Sephora waterproof lipliner in Raspberry
2) A slightly blue toned red lip stain - I used Maybelline Super Stay 10 hr Stain Gloss

*You will want to start this version with the lip scrub as well*

Just like the last version, start with your lip scrub and then apply your lip liner. The reasons for the lip liner on these two looks are the same, but it's slightly more important for this look. Stains can have a tendency to bleed more than matte lipsticks can (cream lipsticks can bleed fairly easily too) because they are often watery. Applying the lip liner will help to create a barrier so that you don't get color into all of the fine lines around your mouth.

Fill in your lips with the liner (again!). This time it's about uniformity of color rather than longevity of color since we're using a stain.

Apply your stain! This is a gloss stain, so it's going to leave a nice stain once the gloss wears off. The color is more sheer than lipstick and therefore, more modern. I suggest carrying your lipstick with you for either of these looks, but it's definitely more important with the glossy stain. You can find glossy stains by YSL, L'Oreal, Maybelline, and just standard stains by pretty much any company out there.

Have you tried either of these looks before? Are you looking forward to using either method?

(All photos copyright Allison Richardson Photography and not available for use without permission)

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