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OPI Liquid Sand : Product Review

Liquid Sand : OPI

Nail polish isn't something that I generally get excited about because quite honestly, I'm horrible with it. I can apply it decently, but it's such a tedious process: basecoat, let dry, first coat, let dry, second coat, let dry, top coat, let dry for 343746762 hours or you will get a scuff. I get impatient and even when I use a fast dry top coat, I always end up ruining the polish. Then, it chips off slowly and I damage my nails because I like to help expedite the process by peeling it off due to my hatred of nail polish remover. Basically, I paint my nails sometimes and it lasts about a day. When I saw these polishes from OPI, I got excited because they are very different than your typical polish.

I saw these in the little baby sized sample packs that you can get at places like Ulta and was immediately drawn in because they're glittery. I then picked up the swatch samples and saw that they were texturized! These are called liquid sand and by george! they feel like that. Maybe that will deter some people, the fact that it feels like you painted sand on your fingernails, but it looks so cool and it feels so cool. I have been touching my nails all day, I can't stop, it's so fun! These are part of the Mariah Carey for OPI line (this may also deter some folks) and you can find the little sized guys in a pack all together for $12.50. The colors in the photo above are (from left to right): Stay the Night, Can't Let Go, The Impossible, and Get your Number. 

Stay the Night: This polish is very black in the bottle, but it dries to be more of a very dark grey with burgundy glitter in it. It's really hard to capture on camera, but it's gorgeous in real life.

The Impossible: This looks more reddish in the bottle, but applies to be a hot pink with small flecks of pink glitter, larger round pieces of glitter, and in the full sized bottle, there are pieces of start glitter (if you want the start glitter, buy the big bottle; if you hate the idea of star glitter, buy the sample sized pack).

Can't Let Go & Get Your Number: I haven't used these two colors yet, but from viewing photos online, they are fairly true to the shade that you see in the bottle. I think all of these polishes come out a smidge lighter than they look in the bottle, but really, who cares? I can't wait to try Get Your Number since it is the most glittery of them all. The both have fine glitter and the small circular glitter pieces.

OPI says to let them dry for a bit longer than normal polish, but I found that these dry faster. For Stay the Night, I had to apply three coats on my left hand, but got away with two coats on my right (I don't know how that worked...) and for The Impossible, I used two coats on both hands. Like I said earlier, these are incredibly hard to photograph and show the true beauty of them, but I included pictures anyway. If you are a nail polish fiend or just like it a little bit, I highly suggest these. They're really fun and the end result is ah-mazing!

Full sized bottle: $9.00
Sample Pack: $12.50
(at Ulta)

(All photos copyright Allison Richardson Photography and not available for use without permission)

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